Best video editing software with motion tracking [2020 Guide]

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Motion tracking can bring videos to life and with a free video editing software with motion tracking feature allows you to do the same without having to spend a fortune on a premium video editing software only to avail the camera tracking feature.

There are quite a few uses of motion tracking that are obvious, and then some are less obvious.  You can use motion tracking to play a superhero who shoots a laser from his eyes or track an athlete’s movement to improve his performance.

The technology can also be used to remove or blur unwanted objects from a picture or stabilize a video by consistently tracking the object on the editing table.

The industry standard tools like the After Effects and Corel Draw offers motion tracking feature, however, they are not free. While there are a good number of free video editing software, only a few offer motion tracking for free.

In this article, we take a look at the best free video editing software with motion tracking to bring your videos to life.

Top 3 video editing software with motion tracking


Hitfilm Express

hitfilm express

  • Price – Free


  • High-grade professional video editing software
  • Motion Tracking support
  • Excellent collection of online learning resources


  • Steep learning curve

Hitfilm Express is a free video editing and VFX software equipped with all the powerful tools you need to create something cool. It is available for both Windows and Mac users, the two platforms used by most of the content creators and video editors.

Hitfilm Express is not your regular trim, cut, paste and produce kind of software. It is a full edit suite with all the features for movie makers as well as the online content creator.

Even a complete beginner can create some cool stuff by referring the training mode materials on the official website that consists of masterclass tutorials to create your own 3D shield or Ironman heads-on display.

The user interface is similar to other video editing tools, so if you have used one before, you will find it familiar. The combine timelines make it easier to switch from one tab to another. You also have a customizable workstation, mask editing and rendering and Export Queue feature on offer.

For video editing, HitFilm Express offers animation tools, composite shot enhancement, Audio Hard limiter, unlimited tracks support, PIP (Picture in Picture) mode support and advanced tracking feature including 2D tracking, Imagineer system, and support for importing 3D camera tracking data.

You can further extend the functionality of the software using official add-ons to add support for 3D model import, sci-fi effects, lens flare toolkit, etc.

On the flip side, Hitfilm express being an advanced photo editing suit involves a steep learning curve. You can reach out to the online Hitfilm Express community for any help, though.

Hitfilm Express is an excellent free video editor that can deliver some great results to the users who are willing to spend a considerable amount of time learning to use the software.

Download HitFilm Express


DaVinci Resolve

davinci resolve 15

  • Price – Free


  • Advanced editing features
  • Support for RAW formats
  • Motion Tracking Support
  • Free to use


  • Steep Learning Curve

DaVinci Resolve currently in its 15th edition from Black Magic design is second to none when it comes to video editing capabilities.

It is a free video editing software with a complete set of basic and advanced editing features to cut your next blockbuster film or commercial.

While HitFilm Express offers add-ons to extend the software’s functionalities, DaVinci Resolve has a Studio version of the tool that offers everything in the free version plus some additional features including multi-user support and 3D tools.

Looking for the best slow motion video editing software? Here are the best options for you.

The latest version of DaVinci Resolve has full visual effects, and motion graphic features built-in. The workspace gives you access to a complete 3D workspace with over 250 tools for different tasks including text animation, tracking, stabilization, rotoscoping, vector painting and more.

Using the Blackmagic RAW codec, you can create stunning images by extracting maximum details from any RAW footage.

The Fusion Effects consist of advanced tools to assist visual effects artist and motion graphic animators with vector paint, rotoscoping, chroma keying, 3D particle system and tracking, and stabilization. The motion tracking feature allows you to match camera movement with the camera tracker.

Other notable features in DaVinci Resolve include the professional grade color grading and correction tools with advanced curve editor, noise reduction and grain tools.

There is also Fairlight Audio support that offers a built-in DAW (Digital audio workstation) for professional mixing and sample-level editing.

DaVinci Resolve is an excellent piece of software and step above Hitfilm Express with all its advanced editing features.

However, the learning curve in DaVinci Resolve is also one notch higher than Hitfilm Express which is better suited for the novice users in comparison.

Download DaVinci Resolve 15 




  • Price – Free  /  Open Source


  • Motion Tracking Support
  • 3D modeling and animation support
  • Essential video editing tools
  • Free to use


  • Steep learning curve

Blender is a completely free, award-winning, open source video editing software that offers a basic yet very efficient set of tools for advanced users.

The software is primarily used for 3D modeling and animation, but the video editor offers enough punch to edit and render the video using the tool.

Blender is admittedly not the best video editing program for the beginners. The advanced users, however, can extend the functionality using third-party add-ons.

Features offered by Blender include live preview, chrome vectorscope, luma waveform, 32 to tracks to add audio, images and visual effects and the audio mixing and syncing capabilities.

Blender allows you to perform the basic video editing tasks but where it shines the most is its ability to carry out complex tasks such as video masking etc.

Blender is an excellent software for anyone looking for a multipurpose tool to edit videos with motion tracking support and also create 3D models and animations.

Or if you are looking for a video editor to use on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Download Blender 


All the software listed in this article offers basic to advanced video editing tools along with motion tracking support.

While there are many free video editing programs available, these are the best programs you can download if motion tracking support is one of the priorities.

What’s your pick? Is it an advanced video editing software like Hitfilm Express and DaVinci Resolve or a multi-purpose and more 3D/animation focused Blender for you? Let us know in the comments.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2019 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.