Is your VPN blocked by Etisalat? Here are some alternative VPNs

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by Ivan Jenic
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Are you traveling to the UAE or based in the UAE? You are most likely going to use Etisalat internet services in one way or the other. Etisalat is the largest network company in UAE and is the 13 biggest communication providers in the world. They have many services which make them widely used and have a customer network of over 90 million subscribers. One major problem customers have using Etisalat, particularly customers in the UAE is the extreme censorship of online content.

Since it is a governmental run organization, Etisalat censors offensive and semantic content before it gets to the viewer. Also, adult content such as pornography websites and video sharing sites with explicit content are blocked. Anti-Islamic websites and VoIP services such as Skype are blocked by the network provider.

In addition, there have also been recent claims from some users that Etisalat uses a throttling technology which reduces internet speeds when undergoing activities that involve heavy bandwidth such as gaming.

Hence, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to bypass this censorship and get access to contents. VPN helps you to access contents that are blocked and enables you to browse anonymously. However not all VPN work effectively in UAE; this is because Etisalat is constantly upgrading their security protocols to block VPN services. If your VPN is blocked by Etisalat there is a probability the service you are using lacks one of the following features. Such as

  • Automated killswitch option
  • Excellent encryption
  • Strict No logs Policy
  • Numerous servers
  • Good DNS leak protection

This guide highlights the best VPN services that can bypass Etisalat blocks.

Best alternatives when VPN blocked by Etisalat


CyberGhost (recommended)

vpn blocked by etisalatCyberGhost is a popular VPN service provider. The VPN is a top VPN which offers subscribers more than 1000 servers across 40 countries. Your connections are secured with a 256-bit encryption and there are various options which protect against IP leaks.

In addition, there is also a killswitch option which adds extra security. For those with heavy streaming needs, CyberGhost helps bypass throttling and enables for optimal experience in gaming and streaming.

Their customer service support is excellent and right now CyberGhost can be purchased for a great price by all the interested users.

Why choose CyberGhost?
cyberghost vpn for windows logo
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Over 5600 servers worldwide
  • Great price plans
  • Excellent support

For more information on how to download and install CyberGhost, read this guide.


NordVPN (suggested)

vyprvpn blockedNordVPN is an excellent VPN provider which is known for having extra security features. They have all the criteria with a no log policy, and security encryption. There is also a specific feature called Tor over VPN option; this enables users to browse completely anonymously and bypass Etisalat blocks. You also get numerous servers to pick from scattered in strategic positions across the world.

In addition, NordVPN also offers double encryption which gives an added layer of security when browsing. However, this service reduces the speed of your internet. Moreover, NordVPN is an excellent VPN which incorporates state of the art security features with an excellent user interface. NordVPN is available for Windows OS and other operating system as well.

However, NordVPN full features cost $5.67 monthly which is billed yearly. You also get a 30-day money back guarantee which enables ample time to test their services.

    –  Download now NordVPN



can vpn lower in game pricesExpressVPN is a popular VPN service which is renowned for its excellent services and used by many reputable organizations. ExpressVPN supports all the various security protocols such as OpenVPN with TCP/UDP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec and incorporates DNS protection and kill switch option. It has a large number of servers in over 80

Also, this VPN masks your IP and obfuscate it from Etisalat blocks; you can also get access to geo-restricted services such as Netflix and HBO. This service works a lot in many nations with geo blocks such as UAE, China, and the Middle East.

Meanwhile, ExpressVPN works well with major geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Sky TV, as well as VoIP services like Skype. The basic plan costs $6.67 monthly billed yearly and you can take advantage of the extra free 3months given as a bonus for the yearly subscription.

Download ExpressVPN



vpn blocked by etisalatIPVanish is quality VPN service which offers good value for services. The VPN uses OpenVPN TCP/UDP security protocols. All connections are encrypted using an AES-256 encryption and they also adhere to strict no log policy and several security options.

You also get over 600 servers in more than 60 countries which enable you to access geo restricted content. The VPN is easy to use and comes with a very secure kill switch option which prevents your location from being identified.

Also, IPVanish is also cross-compatible with many platforms and available for Windows OS and other operating systems such as MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Download IPVanish



vpn blocked by etisalatBulletVPN is a relatively new VPN service provider which has risen in popularity over the past few years. The VPN offers quality VPN services with full security protocols. Using BulletVPN gives you a fast server speed which is excellent for streaming.

They offer numerous servers strategically placed in over 55 countries, this enables you to access geo block contents such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Their app is cross-platform compatible with Android, Windows and Mac versions available.

In addition, features such as unlimited bandwidth, killswitch and DNS leak protection features. Also, BulletVPN offers quality performance and can circumvent Etisalat censorship, enabling you access to blocked content.

Download BulletVPN

In conclusion, the five VPNs we mentioned above can be used on your PC if your current VPN is blocked by Etisalat internet service provider. Feel free to share your experience with us by commenting below.