What to do if VPN freezes on verifying username and password

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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Virtual Private Network login error

There is often this rather frustrating error you might be faced with when trying to log in to a Virtual Private Network – that of the VPN freezes during the verifying username and password stage itself. Some have also reported getting the error all of a sudden with no likely reason to explain the same.

But then, some also said they had this login issue resolved on its own without them doing anything. Weird as it might sound though that happens to be the nature of this error. However, for those not fortunate enough to have their issues resolved on their own, here is a solution they might adopt.

How can I fix my VPN if it’s freezing on verifying ID and password?

Solution: Use this Registry fix

  1. Launch the Run dialog box by holding both the Windows key and R button of the keyboard. Type regedit and press Enter to launch Registry Editor.
  2. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\RasMan\Parameters
  3. Check to see if the following entry is already present.
    • Name: AllowPPTPWeakCrypto
    • Value type: DWORD
    • Value data: 1AllowPPTPWeakCrypto regedit
  4. If yes, it’s fine. If not, create a new registry entry that should reflect the above.
  5. You create a new registry entry by right-clicking on the black portion in the right and selecting New. Follow on-screen instructions.
  6. Exit Registry Editor
  7. Restart your PC for the change to take effect.

Solution 2: Change VPN configuration

  1. Another solution you might want to attempt if the above does not yield the desired result is as follows:
  2. Right-click on the VPN connection and select Properties.
    cyberghost properties
  3. In the Properties dialog box, select the Security tab.
  4. Select no encryption allowed
  5. Change the protocol to CHAP from MS-Chap v2.
  6. Under Services, ensure the IKE service has not stopped. Re-start the service.
  7. Alternately, set the protocol to PPTP besides making sure both MS-Chaps are checked too.

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