5 things to do when SMTP is blocked by VPN

Daniel Segun By: Daniel Segun
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Is SMTP blocked by VPN on your Windows PC? Are you having issues sending or receiving emails in your custom webmail while on VPN? Do not panic! Windows Report will show you how to bypass this problem.

SMTP (Send Mail Transfer Protocol) is the protocol used by an outgoing mail from a PC. This protocol is generally used during Mail exchange. SMTP is provided by ISP and has a particular address through which these mail exchanges are sent from such as TCP 25 used by many older email client programs.

Reasons why your VPN blocks SMTP

SMTP can be blocked by different reasons apart from your VPN. This particular problem can especially be felt when you travel outside your ISP coverage area. You may have difficulties sending mails from email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and other email clients. This is usually caused due to differences with the ISP on your device. For instance, some hotels have checks that search if your ISP is from that region; however, if it’s not, your SMTP may be blocked.

Another reason why SMTP is blocked while you are on VPN is because of “spam”. Many reputable VPN providers do not keep logs which mean they must block spam messages. One way they reduce spam messages is by blocking SMTP traffic. Most VPN block outgoing SMTP on port 25; this is because this port is unsecured. However, MS Outlook and several email client programs use this port as the major port for SMTP mails.

Meanwhile, Windows Report team has come up with applicable solutions that can help you workaround “vpn smtp blocked” problem. These solutions are based on practical experience and can resolve the problem of your VPN blocking SMTP.

How to fix SMTP blocked by VPN

Solution 1: Use a webmail provider

Most of the complaints about VPN SMTP blocked issue emanated from custom webmail users. An example of a custom webmail is info@windowsreport.com. However, using a standard webmail is an excellent solution since most webmail provides SMTP server on an SSL port TCP 465. Moreover, many VPN do not block this port because it is secure.

This is because these webmail providers are not blocked by several VPN service providers. They also have a huge user base and provide excellent anti-spamming and security features for users. Also, they are free to use and easy to access unlike email clients.

In addition, many webmail providers provide anti-spamming features for users which reduce the number of spam messages entering your inbox. You can pick from many available webmail clients online. However, we recommend the use of Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail.

Solution 2: Contact your VPN provider to whitelist email server

Many VPN providers provide options for users to contact technical support to whitelist their email servers. You can easily check from your VPN customer service if such option is available. Many VPN would require the following information before your email client can be whitelisted.

  • The email address blocked
  • The Port number that serves as protocol connecting to the mail server
  • Email SSL setting
  • The SMTP email server name

Alternatively, you can also bypass this blocks by simply changing the SMTP server settings on your email client to the TCP port.

Solution 3: Temporarily disable VPN

A quick fix method which bypassed the SMTP blocked on VPN issue is to temporarily disable your VPN, send the email with your email client, and then enable your VPN afterwards. This would effectively work; however, there are many dangers involved.

You could be exposed to hacks and attacks from trackers. Also, if you’re sending a sensitive email it can be intercepted by your ISP or government agency. This can be dangerous if you’re in a region with strict government censorship on the Internet.

Solution 4: Switch to a newer email client

Many new email clients do not use TCP port 25 for their SMTP serves. If your VPN still blocks your SMTP, you would have to upgrade to a newer version. Alternatively, you can replace your email client with the latest email clients that use much more secured TCP ports. Some of the latest email clients we recommend include Mailbird (our Nr. 1 choice), eM client, Hiri, and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Meanwhile, there are some VPN providers that don’t block SMTP mails on TCP 25. If you use your email client regularly, it may be beneficial for you to switch your VPN service to SMTP-friendly VPN. We’ll list these VPN services below.

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Best VPN tools to use with SMTP



can vpn lower in game pricesCyberGhost is a top rated VPN service provider worldwide. They offer servers with fast speed, strong encryption technologies, and reliable performance. The VPN provides extra security features such as antivirus protection and Ad-blocker services which are found in antivirus programs.

In addition, the VPN adheres to a strict no logs policy. CyberGhost is a well-rounded and possess excellent customer service support. The user interface is simple to use and you can be connected with a simple click.

However, the VPN service is a bit high with the monthly plan costing $11.99 while the 18-month plan has discount starting at $2.75 billed monthly; but, you get the value for your money which makes it worthwhile.



IPVanishIPVanish has over 1000 servers in 6 countries giving you lots of options to choose from when using this service as you can connect from anywhere in the world.

IPVanish has some of the fastest server speeds which enable greater performance and top-notch security. Your connections are secured thanks to their military grade encryption which keeps your information hidden while you are online.

However, the VPN comes with 3 different packages which are costlier than rival VPNs with the basic plan coming at $6.49 monthly billed annually with a 7-day money back guarantee.

    –  Get now IPVanish



NordVPN has over 1000 servers in 61 countries which are strategically placed mostly in Europe to ensure fast server speeds.

The VPN also offers multi-platform support and is accessible to many platforms such as Windows, and other platforms. The tool fully supports SMTP. so you should not encounter any issues while using it.

The VPN services cost $69 yearly with a 30-day money back guarantee which enables you to check their full features.


Hide My Ass (HMA)

VPN connected HideMyAssHMA have extensive global server coverage with over 900+ servers in 190+ countries. This means you always have access to any of their server from any region in the world and enables you to easily bypass geo region blocks.

In addition, HMA also provides fast connection speeds which make it an excellent choice for Windows users who likes speed. Your privacy is also taken care of with the advanced features that ensure your IP address is not revealed while surfing the web. Also, it protects you from DDoS attacks.

The VPN comes at a yearly cost of $78.66 a year which makes it a pricey VPN but it is worth the money and gives a 30 money back guarantee

    –  Get now HMA

CyberGhost and NordVPN are highly recommended by our team of experts. Both VPN services provide comprehensive VPN features and keep no logs of your online activities.

Have you tried any other solution? Let us know by commenting below or you can ask questions if any. We would gladly respond.



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