5 best custom wallpaper makers [Desktop & Online]

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  • Eager to spice up your computer and enjoy custom wallpapers with your very own carefully chosen wallpaper maker?
  • Anyone who has an eye for graphic design is likely to find that there’s no better wallpaper maker software choice than Adobe Photoshop.
  • Even if Photoshop has everything that it takes to meet your needs, there are more editing solutions that assist individuals with wallpaper making.
  • You should focus on what you like doing most. For further creation inspirations, be sure to check out our full Graphic & Design Software Hub.
Custom wallpaper makers

Generic backgrounds are no fun for your desktop. However, getting the right wallpaper maker software will bring you closer to the formal look that you’re after or the fun, bright one, with dramatic patterns.

Many of you probably used similar software in the past. You had some folders containing wallpaper files, then you’ve selected the wallpaper change frequency for the desktop.

How about creating your own wallpapers instead? We’ll be focusing on software tools that are friendly towards beginners as well, so don’t get scared if you’re not intuitively technical.

Follow along and you will be sure to find the perfect wallpaper maker software for you.


What’s the best wallpaper maker software to get?

Adobe Photoshop

grab Adobe Photoshop

The top pick on this list is the very best imaging and graphic design software you can get your hands on today.

Adobe Photoshop won’t empty your pocket yet you will get richer in terms of enthusiasm and even entertainment when taking a look at your currently boring desktop.

As far as your freedom of creation is concerned, the huge canvas size is a clear sign that there’s nothing standing in your way.

To make your own desktop wallpaper, all you need to do is to create a new document in the size of the target desktop wallpaper, then open all the images that will become desktop wallpapers.

Drag them into the original sized document, resize the layers if required and go to File > Export > Layers to Files. This will make each layer its own file in a matter of seconds.

Here’s what key features you will get with Adobe Photoshop:

  • Integrated Image Library to avoid spending countless hours looking for interesting pictures on the Internet
  • Various plug-ins to add special effects and features
  • Unlimited layers and masks
  • OpenType SVG fonts support
  • Convenient video and animation editing

Download Adobe Photoshop free


grab Fotor

Fotor is all-in-one software with functions for editing photos, image retouching, and graphic design. However, it can also help you create unique wallpapers.

Actually, you could make beautiful desktop wallpapers in just a few minutes. The process requires no more than an easy drag and drop operation of your photos on the template and a quick change of the script.

When you make any changes, just keep in mind that it’s essential to manage your overlays to maximize your wallpaper’s visual impact.

Here’s what key features you will get with Fotor:

  • Multiple pre-installed filters and onefold photo editing tools
  • Advanced HDR technology
  • Fast RAW file converter
  • Growing Fotor social network
  • Both desktop and mobile versions of Fotor photo editor are available for users

Download Fotor


grab Canva

Canva is a versatile software tool for creating wallpapers. It’s all up to you – start creating amazing wallpapers from scratch or browse through hundreds of wallpaper templates if you’re running out of ideas.

There’s nothing stopping you from adding a truly unique message by choosing from hundreds of free fonts. Then, download or even share your custom wallpaper so that others can see how creative you are!

Here’s what key features you will get with Canva:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Impressive library of over 2 million images
  • Intuitive GIFs creation, series of Instagram stories, and more
  • Team sharing options, with built-in social sharing and presentation mode

Download Canva


grab Visme

A great desktop wallpaper design experience is also offered by this fully customizable wallpaper maker software.

Click Create right away, navigate to the Web Graphics tab and hit Wallpapers to wander around some amazing template options.

Moreover, Visme has a seemingly endless array of photos, graphics, icons, and more to rely on when you want to create interesting wallpapers.

After all, the included templates are infinitely customizable.

Here’s what key features you will get with Visme:

  • Thousands of high-resolution stock photos to create amazing backgrounds
  • Easy drag-and-drop design tools
  • Hundreds of popular fonts to choose from, serif and sans serif included
  • Built-in brand kit for uploading your own fonts

Download Visme

Wallpaper Engine

try out Wallpaper Engine

Do you want to use animated wallpapers? Then, Wallpaper Engine is our recommendation since it makes your desktop dynamic in no time thanks to its impressive 2D and 3D wallpapers.

The program not only gives you access to a large collection of animated wallpapers, but also provides a huge range of features to add special effects to cut, paste or move different elements of the wallpaper.

Here’s what key features you will get with Wallpaper Engine:

  • Thousands of wallpapers to get you started
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Full Steam community integration
  • Browse and filter with lots of options if you know precisely what you’re looking for

Download Wallpaper Engine

There are plenty of options if you’re looking to find the best wallpaper maker software. Which one is your choice today?

Don’t hesitate to let know by using the comments area below.

FAQ: Learn more about wallpaper maker software

  • Can you make your own wallpaper?

Yes, you can. All it takes is using wallpaper maker software tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Fotor to make it happen.

  • How do you make good wallpapers?

To make a good wallpaper, you need the best wallpaper maker software. Choose a reliable imaging and graphic design software with plenty of editing features included.

  • How do you edit wallpapers?

To edit wallpapers, choose Wallpaper Engine. It comes bundled with a seemingly endless array of special effects/cut, paste, move, and other basic editing features to choose from.