War Planet Online is now available on Windows 10 PC and Mobile

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War Planet Online

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Gameloft is a developer that has supported the Windows platform for quite a long time. As such, Windows users will be excited to know that the developer is launching a brand new game for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile called War Planet Online, a mobile military strategy game you’ll be able to play no matter where you are whether you’re on the go or at your home.

War Planet Online: Global Conquest by Gameloft

War Planet Online: Global Conquest’s Windows release is a part of a simultaneous release on other mobile platforms. The game is a mobile military strategy quest in which you play as a general that manages armies and builds bases with the primary mission of conquering the world for your faction. You’ll get the chance to team up with allies and to attack other players as well around the world in PVP combat, as well.

The game is targeted at more exclusive gamers but it’s fascinating to see that it reached Windows 10 Mobile for people who are still running it.

T-Kara Puzzles also reaches Windows 10 Mobile

For puzzle game lovers, T-Kara Puzzles is another game that will become available for Windows 10 Mobile enthusiasts. The game is a standard match four puzzle game and has been available on the desktop for quite a while now, in case you weren’t aware. Despite that, it seems to have received support for Windows 10 Mobile as well recently, so you can give this one a try as well.

The game is full of fun variations and exciting challenges and features three main categories: campaign, score mode, and picture puzzle. The free edition is filled with content, but you can try the in-app store page for more purchasable content if you’re thirsty for more. Have fun!



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