How To Watch Senegal Vs. Netherlands Live For Free

Easily watch the 2022 World Cup competition for free

by Vladimir Popescu
Vladimir Popescu
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  • You can watch Senegal vs. Netherlands live for free on TF1.
  • However, this television network is geo-restricted outside of France.
  • You can use a reliable VPN to unblock it and gain access. Let us show you how!
watch Senegal vs. Netherlands live

Senegal’s match against the Netherlands in the Group A of the 2022 World Cup is drawing near. You definitely don’t want to miss out!

Luckily, you can watch it on TF1, one of the biggest European free-to-air services. The only catch is that it’s exclusively available to French viewers.

If you’re abroad, you’ll have to find a workaround – like a VPN – to access the channel and enjoy your game.

You can find out below how to install it and stream the World Cup on TF1. Let’s jump right in!

How to watch Senegal vs Netherlands on TF1 for free?

Unfortunately, only French viewers can access TF1. But that’s what VPNs are for! You can connect to a French VPN server and spoof your location. TF1 won’t notice the difference.

For this, we recommend ExpressVPN. It’s unmatched when it comes to unblocking content.

It’s also extremely easy to use! Just follow these steps:

1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and download the software.

Get ExpressVPN

2. Follow the instructions to install the app.

Installing ExpressVPN

3. Open it and choose a suitable server option in France.

ExpressVPN not connected

4. Click the big power button when you’ve made your choice. You’ll get a notification that you’re connected.

ExpressVPN connected to france to watch senegal vs netherlands

5. Now, go to TF1’s website and sign or log in. You’ll be able to watch Senegal vs. Netherlands live!

TF1 with ExpressVPN on

So, what makes ExpressVPN so fitting for this task?

It has over 3000 servers in 94 countries, including five locations in France. You can compare them with a speed test and find the connection with the lowest latency.

Overall, they should all be fast enough for HD streaming.

Additionally, ExpressVPN’s Lightway protocol is especially suited for gaming and streaming. 

You can connect up to five simultaneous devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, SmartTV, and routers.


Don’t miss any FIFA World Cup 2022 matches because of geo-restrictions!
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Wrap up

If you want to watch Senegal vs. the Netherlands live for free, your best bet is TF1.

And now you can do it even outside France, thanks to ExpressVPN!

It’s simple: just connect to a server located in France, and the network will let down its walls for you.

Enjoy the game!