Weird West 1.0.1 Update is out: Check the latest Patch Notes

by Loredana Harsana
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  • The Weird West 1.0.1 update is here and the patch notes list a lot of useful fixes and improvements you should definitely discover today.
  • When it comes to the improvements, developers announced new options you can try to get a better gaming experience.
  • Weird West problems were multiple, but the newest update comes up with crafting items, Shop UI, or specific quest-related workarounds.
Weird West 1.0.1 Patch Notes [Gamer Guide]

If you’re a Weird West fan, this Patch Notes guide will definitely be extremely functional when it comes to issues and improvements.

Weird West was recently released and there is no wonder that it is already one of the most popular video games all around the world.

Even if it seems to perfectly work, some players reported encountering related bugs that were interfering with and crashing their gaming experience. Some others indicated their need for new improvements.

That’s why Weird West’s engineers have announced this April the latest Patch Notes, available through the 1.0.1 update.

Keep in mind that you’ll be able to take advantage of all of them on both PC (via the Steam gaming platform) and VR.

The latest update added critical bug fixes and a few QoL improvements pertaining to the inventory and shops. Apart from this, Weird West Patch 1.01 also includes various stability improvements.

Now, let’s discover everything you need to know about this subject.

What are the latest Weird West Patch Notes?

1. Improvements

  • If you’re Horse was moving while you were attempting to search their Saddlebags (and Saddlebags won’t auto-close if you restart moving for whatever reasons, but will still auto-close if you move away from your Horse), it now stops.
  • In order to resell items directly from your inventory, the Companions and Horse inventory can now be accessed directly from the Shop UI.
  • Wanderers now also buy Junk Items to give more opportunities to resell such items while on the road
  • The game now cycles through 5 x AutoSave Slots instead of 3. In this manner, you can now backtrack through save files more easily.
  • Game Pass PC Build now uses 10 Manual Save Slots like on Xbox (up from 5), so it matches for Save Roaming between both platforms.
  • The Protector Journey Hero recruited as a Companion will no longer wrongly quit your Posse when receiving friendly fire.
  • Bolt-Action Forester Rifles now have their correct icon in the Weapon Wheel.
  • Improved throwable weapons (eg dynamites etc) throw arc and speed so they are easier to use in combat and can easily be sent through door frames, and so on.
  • Engineers decreased HOLD time on Scrap Weapon interaction to be standard HOLD interact time. In this way, it would be less annoying to scrap multiple weapons in a row.
  • Developers added an option that allows gamers to transfer at once all junk items from their inventory to a companion, horse, or container inventory.
  • It was added a Bounty Targets Intro Line non-blocking so that you won’t get derailed by a blocking conversation while fighting or sneaking on their target.
  • Developers have also tuned distraction noise made by throwing props around. So, AIs will react to it from further away, allowing players more control over this system.
  • You can now drop items from your inventory when browsing containers/NPCs inventory and opening your inventory side panel

2. Fixes

  • Opening of the Shop UI – According to some users, it was sometimes wrongly auto selling a random item from Player inventory, if you pressed USE for too long when validating the choice Browse Goods. Fortunately, it is fixed now.
  • Crafting of items – Until now, crafted items were not dropped at the Player’s Feet if the player’s inventory was full.
  • Keyboard+Mouse issue – In this case, users were not able to navigate to the Abilities and Perks TAB of the Journal if they had used LMB on any of the Abilities or Perks. Alongside the latest updates, this annoying issue is now solved.
  • Heathen Travel Encounter – It was not triggering on a specific story path, but this issue won’t give you headaches ever again.
  • Canker and Fighting Pit Sigil – Many gamers reported it as being wrongly destroyed when using a generic Sigil to access a secondary Temple. Similar to the other situations, this problem has been fixed.
  • The issue with the abandoned mine – As the abandoned mine was sometimes not being correctly populated with Sirens when using Sirens Scenario, manufacturers took care of this issue.
  • Foliage/Bushes areas in Canyon Location – These were fixed in order to have fewer holes in them so you won’t get surprised detected while walking hidden in the middle of a bush Patch.
  • Weapon Shops Guards – The related problems were also solved, as now you won’t have to worry about being pulled to guard banks in Town instead of staying inside the Weapon Shop.
  • Easy Prey/Terror on the Trailside quests – Users reported having their quest item disappearing when entered the abandoned wagon location and re-entered it prior to finding the item. With the latest Weird West Patch notes, this won’t be a problem anymore.
  • Finding husband in Bounty Hunter Journey – This was also fixed, without freeing him and then returning to Galen’s Crossing and completing local objectives prematurely and wrongly completing the Journey.
  • Tanning Racks in Trapper Camps – A wide range number of worldwide players reported having nav mesh beneath them which could result in side quest NPCs spawning inside tanning racks and blocking side quest progression. This, developers managed to fix this annoying situation.
  • Rope issue – Now, Rope is no longer removed from your inventory every time you reloaded into a location where you had attached the rope to a skylight.
  • Ability Wheel – It seems like it was not showing weapon abilities when having set AIMING to TOGGLE MODE and aiming with your weapon. Fortunately, it is now solved.

What other rare fixes are gone alongside the Weird West Patch Notes?

The above fixes apply in the most common reported situations. However, there are other rare issues that were solved by developers, and to discover them check the list below:

  • Essex Mast in Quickbend couldn’t follow up with his blocking conversation when you free him, resulting in an objective blocker
  • Rare blocker bug where Pigman Hero would not go to the destination during a specific Objective in the last Journey
  • Documents, Relics, Keys, Golden Ace were not transferring from 4th to 5th Hero
  • Reputation Notification sometimes was displaying a placeholder text
  • Oneirist was leaving the location while talking with her about the cursed statuette during the Ritual travel encounter
  • The Sheriff was wrongly going hostile during the side quest where they open the cell after being bribed

So, this is all you have to know about the latest 1.0.1 Weird West update Patch Notes. As you can see, engineers have come up with various fixes and improvements, so you can get the best gaming experience.

Keep in mind that even if the game is now updated, fixed, and improved, Weird West can still generate specific bugs. In order to discover them all, feel free to check our dedicated gamer guide.

Are you excited about all of this news? Make sure you share your opinion with us by leaving a comment in the section below.