Windows 10 ‘1511’ November Update Causes BootCamp Problems

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There are many problems caused by the most recent Windows 10 ‘1511’ November Update, but there are also quite a few great improvements, as well, such as the new ‘Find my Device‘ feature, Skype integration and more.

Today we’re talking about another annoying problem related to the Windows 10 Threshold 2 update, which is apparently affecting BootCamp users. Here’s what one affected user has been saying:

After carrying out the new Windows 10 November Update on my mid 2012 15″ rMBP networking doesn’t work. I have tried redownloading the BootCamp setup package on El Capitan but there is some problem when carrying out the install option in Windows and my Macbook is left cut off from the internet. I get the feeling that Microsoft might have changed some build identifier or something so Apple’s packages decide that the OS is wrong?

Most likely, the reason for this could be the fact that Apple didn’t yet fully updated its drivers to incorporate with the Windows 10 new build. Somebody else is saying he has been experiencing similar problems on an iMac:

Had the same problem with my iMac 2012. After installing Threshold as an update, my iMac couldn’t boot after the first of several necessary reboots with this update. Even Windows couldn’t fix the problems, so beware of this update, but maybe related to my “older” iMac. And no, a new install with the Threshold DVD had the same boot problem.

Another MacBook Pro owner said he made a dualboot with windows and upgraded his Windows 10 to the latest release (TH2/10586.3/1511) and he encountered the following problems after that:

Mail: Can’t sync accounts, can’t change the settings of the accounts or delete them. Every time I try to click on an account to change it’s settings, nothing happens.
Secondary display: Each time my computer boots up, the secondary display starts in B/W mode. To fix it, I have to disconnect the secondary display, connect it again, and then launch AMD Catalyst Control Center (I have an AMD 6750M graphic card) to get colours on my screen again.
Parallels Bootcamp: Earlier, I used to be able to boot into my Windows 10 partition using Parallels. With the new upgrade, I no longer have internet access if I try to run my Windows 10 partition from inside OS X. The “Parallels Ethernet Adapter” is now missing from the Network Adapters list under Device Manager and I can’t seem to get it back (reinstalling Parallel tools doesn’t help). No solution on Parallel forums yet either.

What about you, have you been affected by the most recent Windows 10 build when you are trying to use BootCamp? Leave your input below and let us know.

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Avatar Jeff Kozloff

It appears after 1511 update I have 2 main issues:
1. As mentioned by other users, WFI dies. To be more specific the WLAN Auto Config Service randomly stops.
2. Apps & Features + Storage screens in Setttings app freezes when selected.

Have not found any solutions yet.

Avatar Jukka Lindgren

On my MacBook Pro (17-inch, Late 2011) the installation of this upgrade will consistently fail.
On plain Boot Camp the upgrade just fails and it reverts back to the previous version. No reason given.

However, running the upgrade on the same Boot Camp via Parallels will give Parallels pop up message stating that the guest operating system attempted to modify the boot sector of the system disk, that OS X has blocked for security reasons (or something to that effect…) The upgrade reverts to the previous system.

Apparently there is something in this upgrade, that Mac OS prevents from completing, causing the upgrade to fail. It may (or may not) relate to my “too old” Mac, for which there is no official Windows 10 support via Boot Camp drivers. Or it may also (in my case) relate to the non-standard partition set up I have: Mac HD, Windows and one extra FAT32 partition for system-to-system file copy – and no Recovery partition.
(This partition scheme also caused upgrde to OS X 10.11 to initially fail. The second attempt immediately afterwards proceeded normally.)