Windows 10 build 14986 brings more features than any other Creators update build so far

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Microsoft just pushed Windows 10 Preview build 14986 to Windows 10 PCs. As the previous build, which was only available to Windows 10 Mobile devices, this one is available on to Windows Insiders on PCs.

By taking a look at this build’s features, we finally see that Windows 10 Preview build 14986 is the real deal. It brings more features and additions than any other Creators Update build so far and we give Microsoft credit for that. This also explains while Redmond decided to take a one build pause for PC last week.

Windows 10 build 14986 features

Although the build is quite feature-rich, the biggest focus was put on Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana. Microsoft heavily enhanced Cortana with this build with lots of new features.

Starting with Preview build 14986, Insiders are able to turn off their computers and change the volume by using the voice commands for Cortana. Additionally, you can also restart the computer and put it to sleep.

Cortana can better manage and control music playback. This includes improved compatibility with iHeartRadio and TuneIn. You can control playback, choose what to play and more all by using your voice. Additionally, Microsoft also added music recognition support in Simplified Chinese.

But that’s not all for Cortana. Microsoft made Cortana full-screen when your computer is idle so you don’t need to do anything to activate Cortana. Just ask her a question and you’ll immediately get the answer. And the final change is the ability to sign into Cortana using your work account.

The new build also brings game bar support for 19 additional games in full-screen mode. You can find the full list of games on Microsoft’s build announcement blog post.

As Windows 10 Creators update is mainly about 3D art and creativity, the new build also brings some touch workspace and ink improvements. The improvements are:

  • The ability to resume from previous sketches
  • Updated Ink Flyout Visuals
  • Finer control over ruler rotation
  • The cursor will no longer be shown while you’re inking

We’re not finished yet. Build 14986 brings even more additions, including new extensions for Microsoft Edge, Narrator Improvements, updated rendering technology for UWP apps, the new Windows Defender look, Registry Editor improvements, a brand new USB Audio 2 Class Driver, and a handful improvements for the Chinese language.

As always, Microsoft releases a list of all known issues and improvements and build 14986 is not an exception. You can check the full list of improvements and known issues on Microsoft’s blog post.

In case you’ve already installed the new build, let us know if you experienced any problems using it. We’re also going to write a report article about the new build, like we usually do.



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