Windows 10 build 16226 breaks your PC, refrain from installing it

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If you haven’t installed Windows 10 build 16226 on your computer yet, please don’t do so. The latest Fall Creators Update build is affected by a bevy of severe issues that may break your PC. To put it plain and simple, build 16226 is too buggy even for experienced Insiders.

In this article, we’re going to list the most common Windows 10 build 16226 bugs reported by users. Unfortunately, the solutions available for these issues are few and far between.

Windows 10 build 16226 issues

Install repeatedly stops

Hundreds of Insiders still can’t install this build because the download process repeatedly stops with error 0x80240034. And if the download eventually succeeds, the install process won’t start.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16226 for PC repeatedly stops downloading with the following error : Last failed install attempt on ‎22/‎06/‎2017 – 0x80240034

It seems that the culprit for the download issues is .NET Framework 3.5. Uninstalling this tool should allow the update to finish normally.

PC freezes

Many of the Insiders who managed to install build 16226 on their computers now bitterly regret their decision. This version is quite unstable, causing their PC to freeze every five seconds leaving them unable to use their devices.

after installing 16226 today my PC freezes for a second or two every 5 seconds.  The freeze is fairly solid (unable to move cursor, anything typed does not register after unfreezing), but nothing obvious is showing up as the culprit. Anybody seen this one?

Insiders also identified the culprit causing this problem: ctfmon.exe. If you open the Task Manager, you’ll see that ctfmon.exe is constantly crashing and restarting.

Microsoft has already acknowledged the issue and explained that if you have certain languages installed, ctfmon.exe will go into a crash loop, causing constant PC freezes. Currently, the list of impacted languages includes: Kiswahili, Basque, Armenian, Estonian, Romansh, Scottish Gaelic, Serbian (Latin), Bulgarian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Irish, Latvian, Macedonian, Zulu South, Norwegian, Hausa, Albanian, Afrikaans, Georgian, Uzbek, Slovenian, Bosnian, Konkani, Malay, Xhosa, Bangla, Kinyarwanda, Australian English, Galician, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, and Lithuanian.

As a workaround, Microsoft recommends uninstalling the impacted language via Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language. However, Insiders confirmed that this action doesn’t solve the problem at all. For the time being, the only viable solution is to roll back to the previous build version.

Desktop loses program licenses and codes

Build 16226 deletes desktop licenses and codes and makes keyboard unusable.

a few hours ago 16226 installed on both my machines with :apparent: ease. However, my Desktop lost most of my program  licences and codes.
My Keyboard would not work at all and Windows kept running ‘We have run into a problem’ etc. I was able to type anywhere!
After a while it was clear to me that  windows on my Desktop was a mess. So, I installed 1619 from a backup, and have now signed up for the slow ring.

File system error (-1073740286)

Insiders report that the latest Windows 10 build breaks the event viewer, disk management, or computer management utilities. For example, users can’t launch Task Manager due to the File system error (-1073740286).

Hi, is anyone getting this File system error (-1073740286) after upgrading to 16226? I try opening task manager and it gives me this error.  Same error if I try to open event viewer, disk management, or computer management.  I ran an sfc /scannow but it didn’t fix the issue.

NVIDIA drivers won’t install

Gamers report that they can’t play any games after installing build 16226. When they launch the game, nothing shows up on the screen.

So I tried to run some games with the new build, and lots of them start, but don’t show anything on the screen. I just continue seeing the desktop instead. I tried uninstalling drivers with DDU in safe mode, installing the latest one (382.53) and 382.05 after uninstalling the drivers, but got the same result.

Tried to download the drivers from Microsoft update center after uninstalling the previous wit ddu – they installed successfully, but the result is the same – no fullscreen mode for many games.

Edge won’t work

Many Insiders can’t use the Edge browser on build 16226. When they launch it, only a gray window appears on the screen.

After update to a 16226 my Edge explorer stop working, When I click on the icon just opens a gray display empty, anybody knows how I could fix it.

These are the most common build 16226 bugs reported by Insiders. Although this build brings tens of new features to the table, it often breaks PCs. As a result, we advise you to skip installing it.

Have you already installed build 16226 on your PC? Have you encountered any issues? Tell us more about your experience in the comments below.


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I had these issues too and found that it is pretty much all fixed by disabling Nvidia Capture server proxy from the system startup this is a dll loaded using rundll.exe microsoft must have changed rundll.exe and now the dll causign problems when loaded.

I had 16226 install, suffered CTFMON issue – unuable, so I rolled back. Then overnight it installed it again, and when I tried to roll back I got the message “Cannot Roll Back”. Workaround to CTFMON is to stop the Touch service and disable it, but then cannot type into universal apps. As the article says, avoid this build.

Had a corrupted 16199 install, and had to do a clean install. 16226 updated on me automatically, and it went fine, but I was unable to install MOST of my software. After much diagnosis, finally am able to
install software with a clean boot. Have to do it for a good bit of software. Office install crashed with a 1935 error wihch is usually related to .net issues.

Thanks for this advice – in my case not hard to take, as this build refuses to install anyway, giving up on the install and reverting to 16215. But is there any way to tell WIndows not to bother with this update and just to wait until the next one? If I leave my PC on – as I often do – it will eventually start on the update of its own accord, I fear, as it keeps downloading it anew. (I know how to stop Insider Preview updates, but I don’t want to do that – I just want to hang in there until the next one.) Many thanks!

On my machine, 16215 consistently failed to install. Setting the Insiders Preview pace to “slow” prevented the stubborn repetition of doomed attempts. When 16266 came along, I reset the pace to “Fast”, and that build did install correctly–but only after first removing the Windows “feature” of .NET 3.5 support… The machine now runs without a hitch (knock wood!), but until now, .NET 3.5 cannot be enabled again. In other words, a bit of a wonky build, this, but not an absolute showstopper.

Many thanks for this! Yes, on another laptop (a Dell E6230) I had the same experience as you, that 16215 update would roll back, then 16266 worked. Thanks for the tip about slowing down the updates. (For me, removing .Net 3.5 didn’t help.) On my E6230, it was quite a fuss to get it to give up on 16215 and skip to 16266 – it needed me to run WU troubleshooter and delete the files quite a few times before it finally forgot about 16215 and just did 16266.