The Fall Creators Update boosts the gaming performance of 6 & 8 core CPU PCs

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Gaming is a main focus of the Windows 10 Creators Update with a series of game-related features including Game Mode, the streaming service Beam, and more. That’s not at all: it will also boost the gaming performance of 6 and 8 core CPU computers. And if you’re enrolled in the Windows Insider program, you can already test the new features by downloading build 16215.

Here’s how Microsoft describes the experience:

The resources made available to games running in Game Mode have been tweaked on popular machine configs, including 6 and 8 core CPU machines, resulting in improved game performance for games running in Game Mode.

The good news doesn’t end here. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update packs many more game improvements, including:

  • The Game Bar now has a button to enable or disable Game Mode for the current game.
  • The Game Bar now allows gamers to take screenshots of games running in HDR. Sharing screenshots to Xbox Live via the Xbox app will also be available. As a quick reminder, screenshots will be taken in the resolution of the game window. The OS will transcode game clips and broadcasts to 1080p if the resolution is higher than 1080p.
  • Bitrate changes during game broadcasting to Mixer are now smoother.
  • When broadcasting to Mixer, players can specify the language that they are speaking during the broadcast.

We’re sure that Microsoft will add more game-related features in future updates, so stay tuned!


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Oh come on Microsoft …
Prior to the fall creators update there was a slider in windows settings to enable / disable game mode globally. Now with the new creators update you have to enable game mode for every single game manually by using the game bar. this is bullshit.
No one needs the game bar … this is a cheesy move by microsoft to get people to use the game bar and it is unwelcomed. Plz bring back the global slider for game mode in settings and let us manually specify games that DON’T work well with game mode instead of the other way around.