Windows 10 build 17093 bugs: Slow Internet speed, VPN errors, and more

by Madalina Dinita
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Windows 10 build 17093 bugs

Microsoft pushed a new OS version to Fast Ring Insiders after a two week break. Windows 10 build 17093 brings a bevy of new features and improvements that make the OS even more appealing to users.

For more information about the latest Windows 10 features, check out Microsoft’s official blog post.

As a quick reminder, Dona Sarkar’s team are currently in the middle of the RS4 Bug Bash which runs until February 11. This is an essential tool for Microsoft’s engineers to detect and address OS issues before they ship the new version. Speaking of which, this is actually the only Bug Bash for R4 so it’s vital that Insiders send their feedback to Microsoft as soon as possible.

Apart from new features and improvements, build 17093 also brings a few issues of its own — yes, speaking of issues and the R4 Bug Bash.

So, if you haven’t installed the latest Windows 10 Insider build on your computer yet, read this article to learn what to expect in terms of bugs. If you’re already running build 17093, reading this article will make your feel a bit better knowing that you’re not the only one experiencing these problems.

Windows 10 build 17093 issues

1. Download and install won’t start

To start off, install issues occur much rarely than on previous builds. However, the most common problem is the error message that informs Insiders they’re already running the latest build version.

I am on Insider build 17083 […] and now when I try to get the latest build (17093) it says I’m up to date and no updates are available. When I check my Windows Insider section, under Get Insider Builds it says (in the Insider level area) “Your organization manages Insider Preview Builds through a telemetry Group Policy setting.” Also the “Fix Me” box is showing but greyed out so I can’t click it to fix whatever the issue is.

2. VPN won’t work

If you use VPN for work, you should skip this build. Some Insiders report that VPN connections are unavailable after installing this build version.

I updated my PC to 17093 last night without incident.  I looked in the known issues and bug fixes.  Under fixes, it says the store VPN issue from 17083 was fixed.  I use the sonicwall vpn from the store to set up my vpn for work.  I still have trouble connecting.  […] Nothing works.  The first time I tried to connect I got an error: 407 invalid session IND8VGqtj7o6ZVMO9wusrleWVbtQ1mWjtL87zRa4Cus

Here are a few solutions to fix VPN issues on Windows 10, maybe some of them will help you fix the problem:

3. Apps crash on launch

Certain apps may crash when you try to open them. Most likely, this is due to compatibility issues between the OS and the app.

[I’ve been] getting app crashes for this specific game application, the app wont even open, the crash happens right after i try and launch it

4. Battery status won’t update

While this is not a major problem, it can sometimes become quite annoying since it forces users to estimate how much battery time they’ve got left.

This problem has been ongoing now for over 4 builds. The battery status is not updating at all. It remains stuck at whatever charge percentage it found when last hard booted. It will detect and display the status of the power-in port as to whether or not it is plugged in.

5. Slow Internet speed

If your Internet connection is slower than usual, you’re not the only one. Other Insiders also complained about this problem.

I am running Windows Insider version evaluation copy build 171213-1610  […] After install the internet speed decreases by about one half.  Each time before I have gone to a earlier version and the speed comes back

Check out the troubleshooting guides listed below to fix slow Internet speed issues:

So, as you can see build 17093 is a pretty stable release. There have been no reports of major issues such as BSOD errors, system crashes and other similar severe problems.

How has your Windows 10 build 17093 experience been so far?

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