Microsoft says it won’t force users to upgrade to Windows 10 ever again

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The controversies with Windows 10 usually involve matters such as privacy, telemetry, forced updates and ads. After a court case in Germany which Microsoft lost not once but twice, the company said that it would never force users to upgrade again, agreeing to stop using such tactics.

The Windows 10 forced upgrade episode

After Microsoft lost this battle twice, the company finally made the long-expected announcement to avoid more legal actions. According to a press release, the company announced that it would never download OS files onto users’ hard disks without their consent.

The company issues this statement following a long trial against a consumer rights center from Germany. The decision that Microsoft took definitely pleased the court, and it will have an even greater and larger impact on the manner that the company acts in other countries as well.

Users’ opinions

Some users see this announcement as a success for consumer rights in the digital world. Other users are posing a legit question: are the feature updates to Windows 10 falling under this same banner or not? They’re wondering whether the Windows 10 updates will be treated similarly. Of course, no one knows the answer yet, and we probably have to wait until Microsoft decides to release an official statement on this subject as well.

Some users on Reddit felt that the Creators Update is essentially like installing a fresh copy of Windows onto their system. Your entire system directory is moved into System.old and then it gets replaced by a brand new installation. Users said that Microsoft pretty much forces you to install it in case you don’t want to end up with no support.



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