Where are my Windows 10 games stored? Here’s the brief answer

Aleksandar Ognjanovic
by Aleksandar Ognjanovic
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where are my windows 10 games stored

Taking into consideration that the modern games are quite large in size, you probably want to choose where to store them. The default location is on the system partition, which is mostly lower in size. That’s the proper reason to re-assign the location for games downloaded through Microsoft Store. We made sure to explain where to find stored games and how to change the location below.

Can’t find where Windows 10 games are stored?

Taking into consideration that the majority of players acquire their games from different sources, the moderate number still goes for Microsoft Store. On both PC and Xbox One, since the cross-platform gaming is a thing now and there are some Microsoft exclusives. But, what some players who download Store games are not aware of is the exact place where Windows 10 stores their games.

All games are, by default, stored in C:Program FilesWindows Apps. But, the things is, this folder is both hidden and it requires strict administrative permission in order to access it. That’s why we’ll explain how to change ownership of the given folder and how to move the game installations to an alternative HDD partition.

How to access the Windows Apps folder in Windows 10

In order to be able to access the installation files for some reason, you’ll first need to take the ownership of the folder. This isn’t too much of a drag, but it might be a novelty if you’ve never done it.

This is how to do it in a few steps:

  1. Navigate to C:Program Files.
  2. Select View in the Menu and check the “Hidden items” box.
  3. Right-click on the Windows Apps folder and open Properties.
  4. Choose Security and then click on Advanced.where are my windows 10 games stored
  5. Under the Owner, click Change.
  6. Enter the registered email related to your Microsoft account you use to sigh in toWindows 10.
  7. Check the “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” box and apply changes.
  8. Now, click on your account in the list and select Edit.
  9. Check the Full Control box and there you have it.where are my windows 10 games stored

We won’t recommend changing anything within the given folder, but you can, at least, delete the associated files when the app or game are uninstalled. This can come in handy if you need to clear some space. Also, once you move the installation to an alternate partition, you don’t want any leftover files of the previous installation.

How to change the default location for future game and app installations

Now, you can move already installed games or apps from the default location. Not all, but most (if not every) game you’ve obtained through the Store can be moved to an alternative partition. Follow these steps to do it:

  1. Press Windows key + I to open Settings.
  2. Open Apps.where are my windows 10 games stored
  3. Select the game you want to move and click Move.

Furthermore, what you can do is change the default location for the new games and apps you install in the future. That way, you’ll reduce the storage consumption on the system drive. Also, and maybe of even greater importance, if your system goes awry, you’ll get to keep the games instead of them evaporating after the clean system reinstall.

Follow these instructions to do it:

  1. Press Windows key + I to open Settings.
  2. Choose System.
  3. Select Storage.
  4. Click on the “Change where new content is saved” hyperlink.where are my windows 10 games stored
  5. Under apps, select an alternate partition.where are my windows 10 games stored

With that said, we can conclude this article. Hopefully, you found some valuable insights in this article. Don’t forget to post your questions in the comments section below.