Windows 10 Home lets you pause updates for up to 35 days

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Windows 10 pause updates

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Windows 10 Home users will soon be able to pause Windows updates for up to 35 days. The new Windows 10 option will be available in the upcoming 19H1 update.

Previously, users just had the option to either snooze the updates or pick a time to install later. Windows 10 Insiders spotted a new update pause option.

However, the option is not accessible to the general public yet. It’s only restricted to the Insiders who perform a clean install when downloading 18356.1 build

The pause option is available for up to 35 days and was spotted by a Reddit user earlier this week in the latest Windows 10 19H1 build.pause windows 10 updates

However, Microsoft has yet to confirm is the new feature will be rolled out as part of the 19H1. The update is scheduled for release in April this year.

The 35-day pause option is currently available to Windows 10 Pro users. Windows 10 Home users will definitely be excited to receive the pause option if it is really rolling out in 19H1.

That is the only way they will be able to avoid issues that are an inherent part of the early build every time.

The Windows 10 update process has been under discussion since the first version of Windows 10 was launched back in 2015.

A report declared that the non-enterprise customers are currently not on the priority list of Microsoft. Microsoft is also working on the rollback updates feature for Windows 10 to help the users who face start-up failures.

Users are really hopeful that Microsoft’s broken process will be fixed soon. Microsoft should quickly work on the fix so that they don’t face these issues with each update.

Right now the Windows 10 home users are experiencing more problems as compared to their ut it might be a lesser known thing that Home users have it worse than their Pro counterparts.



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