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If love manga and technology, you can now combine these two hobbies of yours. You can read and organize your favorite manga magazines on your Windows 10 PC using dedicated manga reader apps.

There are more than 80 manga apps in the Windows Store, and choosing the right app for you is not an easy task. Of course, you can use the good old trial-and-error process and test all the apps from the Store, but you’ll lose precious time. If you want to know what the best Windows 10 manga reader apps are, check out our list of nominees.

Best manga reader apps for Windows 10

Manga Blaze

Manga Blaze windows 10 manga reader
Manga Blaze is the most popular Windows 10 manga reader app in the Windows Store and for a good reason. This app is reliable, fast and is affected by very few issues. Manga Blaze allows you to read, organize and keep track of your favorite manga titles. A series of useful features allow you to progress tracking, quickly resume reading from where you left off and receive notifications when new chapters are available.

You can also download your favorite chapters and enjoy reading them offline. Manga Blaze relies on multiple manga sources in six languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.

Other features include:

  • Browse each source by applying various filtering criteria (genre, release year, status, alphabetical)
  • Update all your favorites or just a part of them
  • Backup your data and easily restore it if you need to
  • Bookmark specific pages, so that you can quickly get back to them.

You can download Manga Blaze for free from the Windows Store. You can also install the paid version of the app, Manga Blaze Plus for only $1.49. Manga Blaze Plus offers three main extra features:

  • No ads
  • You can disable the safe content filter
  • Custom images can be set as backgrounds in various parts of the app.

Manga Z

Manga Z windows 10 manga reader

Manga Z is one of the best manga reader apps for Windows 10. The reading experience has been specially designed for manga fans. When using this app, you’ll feel like you’re browsing a real manga magazine.

Manga Z allows you to read manga while downloading the rest of the series in the background. You can also read manga when you’re offline an keep track of your favorite manga series using the Favorites feature. Notifications inform you when new manga chapters are available so that you never miss any chapter.

Other features include:

  • History to let you track manga series you have read
  • “Unread” indicators tell you where to continue from where you have left off
  • Seach for your manga series by name, author and genre
  • Top 500 popular view with “cover flow”
  • No ads while you are reading your manga.

You can download Manga Z for free from the Windows Store.

Manga Comics

Manga Comics windows 10 manga reader

Manga Comics lets you read and download thousands of manga titles from more than 20 popular manga sources for free. The manga series offered by this app are available in 8 languages: English, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

Manga Comics supports 4 reading modes: vertical single page, horizontal single page, vertical continuous page and horizontal continuous page, and 4 reading directions: left to right, right to left, top to bottom and bottom to top.

Other features include:

  • List manga by popularity or alphabetical order
  • Pin manga or chapters to the Start screen
  • Filter titles by category, status
  • Sync data across multiple devices running Manga Comics
  • Preload the next chapters
  • Bookmark a chapter page.

You can download Manga Comics for free from the Windows Store.

Manga Tree

Manga Tree windows 10 manga reader

Manga Tree supports today’s most popular manga scanlations. You can read the latest chapters of your favorite manga titles, bookmark pages to read later, pin your favorite manga titles to the home screen and more. You can browse and search thousands of manga titles, and create a list of your favorite manga series to browse and read.

You can read in portrait or landscape and customize the settings so as to get tile and push notifications when new chapters are available from your favorite and pinned manga titles. You can also download manga chapters for offline reading.

Download Manga Tree for free from the Windows Store.

Manga Bird

Manga Bird windows 10 manga reader

Manga Bird offers more han 3000 manga titles you can read and download for free. The app has a very well designed interface for the best reading experience. Just like the apps listed before, Manga Bird supports notifications of new chapter releases, and allows you to bookmark your favorite manga titles.

You can also customize the reading orientation and background colors. However, many users complain about the exaggerated ad size from the reader page, accusing the developers they use this strategy on purpose to force users to pay more for the app.

You can download Manga Bird for free from the Windows Store.



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