5+ best Windows 10 apps for reading eBooks with ease

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  • With the apparition of the digital medium is no wonder that book apps for Windows have gained a lot of attraction nowadays.
  • A great book reading app for Windows 10 should open the most common formats.
  • One of the best book apps for Windows 10 features an intuitive interface with a bright design.
  • You can find in our list the best Windows eBooks reading software that helps you to manage the process of reading, and searching books.
best ereaders for windows 8
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Reading eBooks is getting more popular every day. A lot of people choose rather download an eBook and read it on their device, instead of buying an actual book.

While old-fashioned readers don’t like the new way, modern generations tend to use this method of reading even more and more.

We prepared a list of the best Windows apps for reading and buying eBooks completely legally for all you modern-readers, as we hope that it will help you to find the best reading tool for yourself.

What are the best apps for reading eBooks?

Icecream Ebook Reader

Icecream reader is very attractive in terms of its UI design. It features a full-screen mode, a night mode, the ability to add bookmarks – things that are essential to an eBook reader for your Windows PC.

It helps you manage the process of reading, searching books, adding comments, and highlight ideas.

It has an interactive and intuitive interface, as it provides a well-designed digital book library. Icecream Reader supports all known formats, including EPUB, MOBI, FB2, PDF, and other popular formats.

Among its special features, we will find a fullscreen mode, bookmarks that allow you to revisit the most memorable parts of your book, night mode that enables lecture in low light or no lighting at all.

Icecream Ebook Reader

Icecream Ebook Reader

Transform your screen into a top-notch Ebook reader with one of the best software that support all popular formats.

DownloadGet it now

Adobe Digital Editions

ebook book reader

Although Adobe Digital Editions is not as valued as other Adobe products, it was one of the first adopters of the ePub format which now is one the most utilized formats along with PDF and Kindle.

You can use it on your Mac, PC, or mobile with the advantage of syncing the books across all devices, the best part being that Digital Editions are completely free and that is highly likely to stay for a while.

The app has a simple display panel that can display two views: Library and Reading. On the left dashboard, you can see if the book was borrowed, bought, or read along with the option to add notes.

You can also group or filter books by author, publisher, or your custom criteria.

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions

Get one of the best Ebook readers from Adobe, that can be used on any type of device.

DownloadGet it now

Amazon Kindle

amazon kindle wind8apps

Amazon’s Kindle is probably the best-known eBook reader in the market, but that fact didn’t prevent it from being second on our list.

Kindle has some great features and it’s worth mentioning. When you open the Windows app, you’ll get the grid list of your eBook library, which can be categorized alphabetically or chronologically.

Switching between the content on your device and the content from your storage is also very easy.

If Nook beat Kindle in design, Amazon‘s app is definitely a winner when it comes to a reading experience. Kindle offers some nice features including note highlights and quick dictionary look-ups.

Navigation through the pages is also very easy and comfortable, but I’m sure that Amazon could do an even better job in the further versions of the app.

Get Amazon’s Kindle


nook wind8 apps

One of the world’s leading book retailers, Barnes & Noble, has made an outstanding app for reading eBooks, called Nook.

This app is probably your best choice for buying and reading not just books, but also various collections of other media, like magazines and comics, which is different than Kindle.

We put Nook ahead of Amazon‘s Kindle for a couple of reasons, and one of them is app‘s bright design and UI, which is a real refreshment compared to Kindle’s dark and monotonous user interface.

After opening, Nook offers you your Daily Shelf, a five-item collection of the content you’ve already read.

Nook’s start screen is divided into two sections, showing you content you already own, and Barnes and Noble’s recommendations for you.

The app has beautiful page slide animations, but some users reported that these animations distracted them after long reading time, but if you’re really concentrated, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The only possible con of Nook is the fact that columns couldn’t be adjusted manually because the app automatically selects a number of columns based on a text size.

Get Nook


Kobo is definitely a smaller and less-known eBook reader than Nook or Kindle, but it still provides a great selection of content. Kobo has some elements of both Kindle and Nook.

A simple, Kindle-reminding design of the app, combined with similar store integration as Nook, makes Kobo a very decent app that definitely deserves to be on our list.

Navigation between sections is a little bit rough, as the developer decided to put the navigation bar inside the settings panel, but the reading experience is very satisfying.

Navigation and transition between the pages is different than Kindle and Nook as you’re only allowed to tap on the screen, and not to swipe.

Get Kobo eReader

Manga Tree

manga tree wind8apps

And now something different for all you manga fans out there. If you’re looking for a good manga reader, Manga Tree will make you stop searching.

Manga Tree allows you to browse for your favorite manga through categories like a harem, Shonen, slice of life, and so on. Instead of downloading pages locally, it pulls them on demand,

Navigation through the app is smooth and responsive, but some users said that they had certain problems with swiping to another page.

This problem is probably caused because Manga Tree doesn’t cache the mangas and loads them dynamically.

Get Manga Tree

Perfect PDF Reader

Perfect PDF Reader

Perfect PDF Reader is a free app that allows us to read and print many ebook file formats, such as PDF, XPS, OXPS, EPUB, MOBI, and FB2 eBooks.

You can use this tool across all Microsoft platforms. Thanks to the multiview user interface you can display multiple files or even multiple eBooks in individual windows).

There are also many customization options available that allow you to change contrast, enable night-mode, and so on.

There are also professional versions of the tool which are suitable for your business needs, such as Perfect PDF Ultimate, Perfect PDF Professional, or other editions.

Get Perfect PDF Reader

We hope that you have found the best Ebook reader for you, in the above list. Most of them are free, compatible with multiple platforms and very easy to use.

If you have any suggestions or think we should add another Ebook reader to our guide, please feel free to leave us a comment.

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