Windows 10 Mobile build 14361 brings huge improvements and fixes

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Windows 10 Mobile build 14361 is here and brings many interesting improvements and fixes for Windows phone Fast Ring Insiders, just as Dona Sarkar promised.

The list of fixes is quite impressive, taking Microsoft one step closer to perfecting the Windows 10 mobile experience. It is worth mentioning Microsoft’s quick reaction to users’ feedback since the Windows Insider Team managed to fix all the issues reported by users after build 14356 was announced.

Here are the fixes and improvements that build 14361 brings to Windows 10 Mobile:

  •  Microsoft fixed the issue that was causing your phone to freeze after touching the screen immediately after enabling Narrator.
  • The strange grey bar frequently seen on the left side of the Microsoft Edge is now history.
  • Going forward from Build 14361, your preferred DPI setting will be backed up and reapplied when restoring your phone.
  • Microsoft fixed the issue where “Find on Page” in Microsoft Edge wouldn’t always scroll the word into view.
  • You can now play videos on Facebook even after rotating the phone with the video in full screen mode. The videos no long flicker.
  • The text in the Windows Insider Program page in the Settings app is no longer truncated.
  • The notification dismissal model has been polished. Now if you receive and dismiss multiple interactive notifications in a row, the black transparent background will not start fading away between them.
  • Dismissing a notification with a hero image is as easy now as dismissing regular notifications.
  • The team fixed the issue where peeking at a notification while watching Netflix would result in the video pausing.
  • The keyboard no longer covers the quick reply text box.
  • Notifications no longer say “new notification” after a reboot.
  • Action Center no longer closes unexpectedly if a notification had been expanded when you start moving the Action Center’s border up.
  • The “now charging” sound no longer plays twice when the charging cable has been plugged in.
  • The “Everytime” setting for properly now, is no longer blank on the Sign-in Settings page after opening Settings from the Lock screen.
  • You can now infinitely cycle left or right through the Phone app’s tabs.
  • Microsoft fixed the issue where the Lumia 535 and 540 were not displaying a flash toggle in the Camera app.
  • The text prediction engine has been improved, suggested words will be based on the active keyboard language, rather than the language that was active at the time the word was written.
  • You can now use the keyboard with one hand with additional 5-inch devices such as the Lumia 640 and 830. To use this feature, press the space bar and slide the keyboard to the left or the right.
  • You can now infinitely cycle left or right through the Phone app’s tabs.



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