Windows 10’s Movies and TV app to play 360° videos

by Radu Tyrsina
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The WinHEC event by Microsoft brought many exciting announcements, but it seems that most users are talking about a specific one: Alex Kipman announced during the event that Windows 10’s Movies and TV app will be “the best destination for 360° videos.

Thanks to the collaboration with Chinese VR headset makers, Microsoft will be able to offer the S1 mixed reality headset in Q1-Q2 of 2017. They’ve presented the headset, showed how to use a 360° holographic video, and even interact with it in a virtual environment.

In the future, these types of headsets will be able to allow users to stand in the middle of the videos and interact with them. Users will be able to record and explore their own 360° videos from inside the action.

Below you can see a part of the event where a few people have offered more details about this feature:

During the video, it was showed that the Windows 10 platform will be able to utilize this feature, but Kipman claimed that the company is now aiming to bring this feature to their Movies & TV apps first. This clearly shows that Microsoft is now trying to bring more affordable VR headsets to the wider public.

VR headsets are currently quite expensive, but it is just a matter of time until they will become cheaper and everyone will be able to afford them. Once this happens, 360° video games and videos will be more popular. However, until then, you will need to pay a good amount of money on a decent virtual headset.

Do you think that virtual reality will explode in 2017? Tell us your thoughts about 360°videos!


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