Windows 10 Photos app gets a new interface and interesting new features

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Microsoft has completely revamped its Photos app. The changes are available across all the platforms that use the Microsoft Photos app and all users can benefit from the new implementations.

One of the most important changes is the Windows Ink support, which lets users draw directly on pictures with various tools, depending on what platform they’re on. You can draw with a pen, through touch, or the old fashioned way, which means using a mouse. Having Windows Ink on all platforms means that Microsoft customers can now express themselves more easily and customize their photos to their liking. The feature also lets you save a doodle and apply it directly to another photo in the future.

The Photos app also includes new filters, as the entire editing department was revamped. People will receive a more responsive and diverse experience when trying to customize a picture with filters through the Photos editing tool.

Last but definitely not least, we have a new user interface, which will be the first thing you spot as being new when opening the updated app. Not only has the Photos UI been given a new coat of paint, but also a new image. Microsoft revamped the UI in full, giving it a fresh aspect that screams “clean”.

Navigating through the app is now a blast, and users will enjoy rediscovering Photos app. Microsoft even changed the functionality of the mouse scroll for Photos, making it zoom in on a picture rather than scroll through an album. While it does seem weird that the scroll button doesn’t scroll anymore, Microsoft did a great job in bringing Photos back to life, as the company continues its update spree across all platforms.


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The photo program change last November? is terrible. There is nothing I can say negative that wasn’t written by the posters earlier in this thread.
Question…did MS EVER acknowledge there is a problem? What is the latest from MS? Does anyone have any new information on the issue?
Is MS willing to SELL the old program on an APP?
Apparently the MS policy is “just ignore those whiners, they’ll eventually go away…” A real public relations coup…very disappointing.

This is not an update, it’s a downgrade! I absolutely hate the new version- I don’t want preset filters, I want to be able to edit each component separately again! Whoever designed this latest version should be sacked, because it truly is terrible. Also, I am not happy about having such a drastic change forced upon me, with no warning. Does anyone know how to get the old version back? Is it even possible?

I am so incredibly frustrated at the changes in the update. I don’t want to purchase an expensive program such as Adobe Lightroom. The previous windows 10 was a dream come true and super easy quick editing program. I LOVED it. This one is just awful! .. I’m trying desperately to get it back. PLEASE give us a link if anyone knows how to restore it! This upgrade is an Epic Fail in my eyes.

I agree, this is a huge downgrade. The “Adjust” section is so horrifically minimal compared to what it used to be. So much less control over lighting, exposure, colors. It’s snazzy that we can draw on the pictures, but that does not make up for all the other features they took away.

This story makes me loose faith and trust in this entire website. Nothing about the app is an upgrade or great to use. nothing. Worst upgrade ever.

There is nothing about the update that I like or want. If others do fine, but why take away all the old features I did like?

I want the old app back. I rely on adjusting shadow, light, contrast that no longer achieves the editing possibilities. Please give us an option for the old version.

I want the old photo app back, this new one is a downgrade and similar to instagram’s just some crap filters, it is unusable!!!!

Its still not anywhere near, as functional as Windows 7 photo viewer. I don’t think Windows 10 photo app will ever compare to Windows 7 photo viewer.

This is a mild improvement over the original photo app mess.

The original Photo app was HORRIBLE! nothing but a loud noisy mess at least they’ve decided to clean it up and get rid of that abomination UI.

Appalling idiocy created by someone who cant have any idea. The arrows at the bottom get in the way. No colour boost. Almost useless.

For wildlife photography, I absolutely rely on the Shadows feature of the old version. I’m totally screwed now.

I’m with everyone else…. the previous version was much more advanced than this… and no selective focus? I’m so disappointed.

I’ve never been so furious with an “update” in my life. First Windows Movie Maker, now this… why would Microsoft remove 95% of an app’s important features, such as contrast, shadows, zoom, color adjustments, etc, to replace it with what seems to be nothing more than a vast array of Instagram-like filters? Why??? I did some research on restoring to the app’s previous version, and so far the only thing that has worked for me is doing a system restore on my computer to the earliest checkpoint. This restored the old, GOOD version of the photo app, but now I’m having issues with my other apps not working, like Google Chrome and the computer’s calendar/clock. Please, please do something about this, Microsoft! Stop dumbing down perfectly good apps! ????

i make no bones in stating that i didnt like the photos app. i have recently brought new laptop so having been forced to you use, hated it……part from 1 saving grace which was awesome. the seective focus…. guess what after the latest update,, i dont even have that. no reason to use.STUPID

Wow, just a few days ago I was telling someone how good the Photos app was…and then this. This “upgrade” truly is garbage.

What a steaming pile of crap. MS RUINED the Photos app. I’m not the only one to think so, go look on the MS forums or the MS feedback pages. What a huge screwup! They REMOVED all the GOOD features, and replaced a functional, useful photo app, with a kindergarten-ish piece of garbage.

This version would be greatly improved by re-including those great features from the earlier version that have disappeared: Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Colour Boost, Selective Focus … When is the next “upgrade” coming?

WOW. Was really enjoying the old version and some of its features. New app is much more limited. No shadows/highlights/hue etc. WTF??? Since when is massively reducing functionality an upgrade? Back to Photoshop I guess….

Put it back and stop fixing stuff that doesn’t need fixed!!! This is ridiculous. At least let us CHOOSE whether to update or not, but don’t just change stuff. It sucks. It’s terrible. I hate it.

Please restore the previous version of the photo editor. Was halfway through editing pictures from my trip to Iran and you changed. I was really liking the old versions. Very easy to use, very intuitive. Please bring it bad.

this new update of the photo editor sucks! All the good features to tweek photos are lost. I loved the old version as it was a quick way to tweek a photo, now i will only be able to do this in Photoshop. Its a shame you got rid of the best features MS! why wouldn’t you still put them in the adjust tab 🙁
Does anyone know how to go back to the old version????????????????????

The only thing that has worked for me so far is doing a system restore to the earliest checkpoint. This brought back the old photo app for me, but now I can’t seem to do simple things like open Google Chrome. All of this is so infuriating!!

DISLIKE THE UPGRADE!!! I had more control over my editing in the previous version! Please allow me to go back!!!!!!!!

please post link to instuctions if it is possible to move previous version.
this “update” is actually serious downgrade …

The only thing that has worked for me so far is doing a system restore to the earliest checkpoint. This brought back the old photo app for me, but now I can’t seem to do simple things like open Google Chrome. All of this is so infu

Obnoxious “fixing” of what’s objectively not broken.
Hey, now you can’t even see your pictures at their native resolution…. because according to Microsoft everyone loves zoom. Is that photo 1000 or 8000 px tall, who cares right?