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After releasing Windows 10, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 was the last version of the legendary OS. Instead, the company would come out with major updates to improve and refine Windows 10, eliminating the need for a potential Windows 11. The first major update in its life span was the Anniversary Update. That patch brought forward welcome changes and improvements that made users take more of a liking to this new style of deploying content.

Redstone 3 confirmed

Recently, Microsoft announced at the Ignite event in Australia that there would be another major patch coming after the Creators Update. This new update is speculated to be part of the Redstone 3 series of updates. While there is no official name for the update yet, its first build has been recently spotted on Microsoft’s Insider platform.

Redstone codenames

That update, and the upcoming Creators Update, are codenamed Redstone 1 and Redstone 2, respectively. The Creators Update will focus on a multitude of departments within Windows 10, from business and productivity related improvements to facilitating Windows 10 gaming and entertainment.

Redstone 3 features

Those part of the Windows Insider program won’t be getting to test out any new features or improvements just yet. The content pertaining to the Redstone 3 update line will be most likely made fully available to beta testers after the Creators Update is officially released.

Most speculate that it will be a couple of weeks into the Creators Update release until users get to see what the next chapters of Windows 10 look like.

With minimal information so far, it would seem that the Redstone 3 update will feature several important elements such as Project Neon and My People, a leftover feature from Creators Update. Project Neon is a design language that will set out significantly revamp the UI for Windows 10.

In May, Microsoft will be hosting the Build 2017 event for developers. Here, more information on Redstone 3 will be made available. The Creators Update has been in the works for the last few months, so it could be a little while before anything new surfaces.



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