Microsoft announces Windows 11 on its way, upgrade from Windows 7/8.1 a must!

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While Microsoft presented a lot of new innovations and features for Windows 10 at this year’s Build 2016, our sources from direct from the company told us that all that fuss about Windows 10 at Build 2016 was just a mask.

Microsoft is planning to release a new operating system called Windows 11 at the end of this year. The company decided to do this because Windows 10’s extremely poor adoption rate. Our sources close to the company tells us that Microsoft even placed fake reports informing us that more than 200 million people have used Windows 10 so far in order to encourage more people to upgrade — unfortunately without any success.

There’s no word yet on the possible features in Windows 11 as the operating system is still in the early development phase, but it will certainly offer something that Windows 10 and previous operating systems didn’t. However, Microsoft plans to not to just keep Cortana but to make it extremely powerful in the new operating system sporting options that were never seen before. Microsoft will also do away with its Insider program because most Insiders don’t take it seriously since they don’t provide the required feedback and constantly complain about privacy concerns.

In addition to this news, it turns out Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users who were against the Windows 10 upgrade will have to suck it up in the end: the Windows 10 update is now automatic no matter what settings a user chooses. This will be done to make the automatic transition to Windows 11 smoother. (So, whatever version of Windows you’re currently using, you’re going to end up with Windows 10. Just to be clear.) We’re sure this decision will negatively affect users and draw a mountain of complaints. It’s even possible that some users will completely abandon windows and switch to OS X, something that would be warmly welcomed by Apple.

To conclude this shocking news, we remind you that today is April Fools’ Day so sorry if we got you worried. So, while nothing we just said is true (except the fact that Microsoft is indeed working on Cortana improvements — just not for Windows 11!) you can definitely count on Windows Report to deliver the freshest, most accurate new every day!

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HA HA!! We’ll see it when it comes out. To date, EVERY WINDOWS OS SINCE WINDOWS 7 ABSOLUTELY SUCKED. When my windows 7 becomes extinct, I’m moving away from windows to Mac or Linux. Windows has already proven to the world that it can no longer create a decent OS and they’re past the point of no return.

“Our sources close to the company tells us” – there you go, you don’t quote sources and sound like a high school junkie. Then I read the final para and smacked my face

I thought they were no longer doing version numbers and just sticking with Windows 10 longer. Like Apple has had OS X forever.

We have seen so many innovations in the current OS from Microsoft this year, but it seems that the Windows 10 is finally finished. So what is the next step for the technology giant? Will they build Windows 11? So far we have only rumors and wishes, but let’s see what the new Windows 11 will look like if Microsoft decides to create it.

MY biggest bad was ever downloading W10; what at total P.O.S……….any of its benefits, if any, are by far cancelled by all of its faults and glitches.
My biggest good was infecting only 1 Laptop with W10………..I figured W10 on one will do for testing, not realising what a crap OS it was. Now when I cant get any sense out of W10 at home, I go to my other PC at work and use W7 with glee.
I learned years ago we’re “p~ against the wind” complaining about anything to MS; they’re a law unto themselves and they’ll do exactly as they please, and to hell with what the rest of the world feedbacks to them.
Another good example is marking scammers mail as “Phishing—-to be expunged”……….and yet they still pour in with the SAME source address, yet they insult our intelligence by “Thankyou for reporting this Email as Phishing and Help Keep the internet Safer”….WHAT A CROCK OF S ………….proof you should save your time and just delete them to trash.

The app thing is hard to use on win 10 and bogs the computer down and the file explorer is stupid. they need to go back to the old version of win 7 file system. it was easier to use. Stop trying to make things better and making it worse Microsoft. thats why you SUCK

Why isnt win 10 compatable with anything? There’s also way way too many app things which bogs down the computer and people dont like the apps in general I dont.

It’s total garbage…I don’t get why they are still pushing this p.o.s. OS. It’s been buggy since day one. I love my Win7…never once has it crashed on me and it’s compatible with everything!

Win 10 sucks thats why there’s a poor adoption rate. no one likes it.

also the fact that you cant revert to old versions after 30 days is ridiculous.

well unless you system restore. Also it has a 90% adoption rate, not sure where you got that from tbh.

microsoft are a control freak company. they decide what is right for your computer. When we install windows, how about giving us OPTIONS like back in windows 98, where we can choose what to install. no bloat, no crapware.

Very poorly conceived and it also gives the impression that Microsoft is a tyrant that could care less about privacy concerns. Considering issues as of late (minor), all this article does is make a mountain out of a mole hill. Some people just go too far with April Fools and it can have lasting effects after the fact. Some are just too inconsiderate with very little consideration for anyone but themselves.

Posted on April 1st… well, uhm, of course it’s a lie – it’s April fools. Why would you even BEGIN to read this incredibly poorly conceived “April Fool’s joke”?


It would be much more exciting if you weren’t kidding… for the Linux community anyway… LOL