Windows 10 64-bit is now the most popular OS among Steam gamers

by Ivan Jenic
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In Windows 10, Microsoft is not only focused on creating the OS for everyone but the very best gaming system for those who demand a lot more. That mission, of becoming the most used operating system for gamers won a victory in March. According to Steam’s monthly Hardware & Software Survey, the 64-bit version of Windows 10 overtook Windows 7 64-bit’s place as the most used operating system by Steam users.

Windows 10 64-bit now holds 36.97% of the share, while Windows 7 64-bit is at 32.99%, This is the first time ever Windows 10 is on the top spot of the most popular operating systems among Steam gamers, a metric we predict that will continue its rise in the coming months. However, Windows 7 in general (both its 32-bit and 64-bit variants) is still the most used Windows operating system by Steam gamers with 39.96% of the share. Windows 10 is at 38.28% but that’s something that will probably change coming months.

As for other Windows operating systems, 12.93% of Steam gamers still use Windows 8.1 64-bit while just 2% use Windows XP 32-bit. Overall, Windows operating systems are well represented on the platform at 95.70% of the share against OS X’s 3.32%. Check out the complete results of Valve’s survey for March 2016:

steam harware software survey march

This is by no means a surprise given the high adoption rate of Windows 10, with Microsoft having reported at Build 2016 that 270 million people actively use it. Combined with Microsoft’s ambition to make as unified a platform as possible, they’ve eliminated close to all driver incompatibility issues, with more improvements like this in the pipeline. Like transferring Steam titles to its own Universal Windows Platform too.

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