New Windows 10 Tablet mode concept shows what could have been

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windows 10 tablet mode design concept

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Microsoft added Tablet mode to Windows 10 primarily for 2-in-1 laptops and tablets, such as the Surface Pro. Tablet mode displays a start screen from which users can open apps. However, Microsoft has neglected Tablet mode over the last few years as recent build updates have done nothing to enhance it.

The Anniversary Update was the last notable update that revamped Tablet mode. Now a Reddit user has shown off a new concept image that shows us a better Windows 10 Tablet mode design.

A Reddit user posted a design concept image that shows a revamped Windows 10 Tablet mode. The Tablet mode has a new fluent design. Another Reddit user stated, “That redesign looks bloody beautiful but it just makes me sad knowing it’s not real and Microsoft can’t make anything close.

The Tablet mode in the concept image above does look somewhat better with its modern style icons than the current Windows 10 Tablet mode. The redesigned Tablet mode in the picture does not include any desktop taskbar.

Instead, the revamped Tablet mode displays the time and date at the top of the screen with system tray icons at the bottom right. Then you can see Start button, shutdown,and Settings shortcuts at the bottom left of the tablet mode.

The revamped Tablet mode screen organizes notification, top app and live shortcuts neatly within the center. It displays notifications at the top and live tile shortcuts at the bottom. Top app shortcuts are nestled between the notification and live tiles.

Alas, the concept design images presented are completely unofficial. Nor does it seem Microsoft has much in store for Tablet mode. The most recent Windows 10 19H1 build previews do not include any kind of revamped Tablet mode for users. With the tablet industry declining, Microsoft might be convinced that redesigning Windows 10’s Tablet mode is not worth the time right now.

However, Microsoft does have a Windows Core OS in the pipeline. That is reputedly a modular Windows OS for Universal Windows Platform apps. Microsoft has already unveiled a Surface Hub 2 running WCOS software. WCOS could provide a fresh start for Tablet mode on dual-screen devices the rumor mill suggests Microsoft has under wraps.

So perhaps the Windows 10 Tablet mode concept design on Reddit might provide some inspiration for Microsoft. If Microsoft does indeed still have big plans for Windows 10 mobile devices, it will certainly need to revamp Tablet mode.



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