As surprising as it may seem, people are still using Windows XP all over the world. Microsoft terminated support for this version of the OS back in 2014, but it seems that this did not stop users from keeping it as their favorite OS. Windows XP is currently bragging with a significant 6.13% share of the market, and even businesses are still using it.

People don’t only still use the OS, but some enthusiasts are even thinking of ways that it could be improved. Kamer Kaan Avdan is a YouTube who has previously created concept videos for more OSs that include Windows 11 now shows the whole world his vision of a brand new Windows XP 2018 Edition.

Windows XP 2018 flaunts a Fluent Design makeover

The OS is filled with transparency effects and curved corners, but it’s still keeping the original color scheme. As you can see in the video, the start menu mixes Windows XP’s design with the one of Windows 10. There’s also Timeline included in the revamped Windows XP version as well.

In the video, you can also see some clips showing Windows XP’s original design and this way you can better compare the two versions of the OS. The revamped version has Microsoft Edge, Cortana, transparency effects, Timeline as we already said, and a redesigned File Explorer. You can even see Rover, the search pooch in Windows XP.

Bringing back the golden days of XP in a modern manner

We have to admit that especially after seeing this video we totally agree that Windows XP OS can make us nostalgic even in 2018. And for this reason, innovative minds such as the one of Kamer Kaan Avdan are doing a great job to make sure that XP stays in our memory.

Anyway, with this cool concept, the YouTuber brings back Windows XP’s golden days in a modern design. The good old elements of the OS have been revamped and mixed with the latest design elements that are implemented in the recent Windows versions these days.