Check out this Windows 7 2018 Edition concept: You’ll love it

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For many users, Windows 7 was, and still is, one of Microsoft’s best ever platforms. As such, Win 7 has retained a substantial user base that StatCounter data highlights Windows 10 has only recently eclipsed. However, Microsoft is totally committed to Windows 10 and will end support for Win 7 by 2020. Nevertheless, the YouTuber Mr. Advan has added a new, completely unofficial, Windows 7 2018 Remastered Edition design concept video to YouTube that shows how Microsoft could revamp Win 7.

windows 7 2018 edition


Mr. Avdan’s new Win 7 video is a short clip that runs for about a minute and a half. Nevertheless, that video provides a tantalizing glimpse of what a remastered Windows 7 edition could be like. The video showcases a Windows 7 edition with the Acrylic UI design style incorporated within Windows 10. The remastered edition’s Start menu looks more like the one in Windows 10, but it retains the orb button from Win 7. The remastered edition’s Start menu also includes white-on-blue tile icons instead of the multicolored tiles.

The video also includes transparent windows. Microsoft largely abandoned the Windows Aero transparency effect in both Windows 10 and 8. However, some users prefer the transparency of the Win 7 windows.

The most interesting aspect of the design concept video, however, is perhaps the dynamic wallpaper. The video shows us a remastered Windows 7 that includes dynamic wallpaper which changes with the time of day. As such, the OS switches to a dark theme mode at night. That dynamic wallpaper shown in the video is comparable to macOS Mojave’s time-shifting Dynamic Desktop. Dynamic wallpaper would be a great addition to Windows 10 and 7.

windows 7 design concept 2018

Microsoft has never released a remastered edition of any of its platforms. The closest thing was Windows 8.1, which was basically Win 8 with a Start menu. So the big M will probably never launch a Windows 7 Remastered Edition. The software giant is doing all it can to convince Windows 7 users to embrace Win 10. That began with its free one-year upgrade offer, and now the company is launching many of its latest games and MS Office exclusively for Win 10.

Nevertheless, the design concept video might provide Microsoft with some great ideas that could be incorporated in Windows 10. Dynamic wallpapers would be a great addition to Windows 10 that Microsoft could include in future updates. One developer has even released a WinDynamicDesktop app that ports Mojave’s Dynamic Desktop to Windows 10, which you can download from this webpage.



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