Windows 10 shuts down instead of sleep [Solved]

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computer on desk - Windows 10 turns off instead of sleep
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A large number of users have reported that Windows 10 turns off instead of going to sleep whenever the users choose to enter Sleep Mode.

This issue can occur for a variety of reasons – your computer’s power settings, a BIOS option that is inactive, and others.

No matter how you try to set your computer into Sleep Mode (pressing the power button shortly, by clicking the Start menu or closing the laptop lid), the PC simply shuts down.

In today’s article, we will discuss the best troubleshooting methods you need to apply to fix this issue once and for all. Follow each method closely and check if the issue is solved before moving to the next one.

What can I do if Windows 10 shuts down instead of sleep?

1. Check the power settings of your computer

  1. Press the Win+R keys to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type ms-settings:powersleep -> press Enter.
  3. Inside the Power & Sleep window -> select Additional power settings.Additional power settings - windows 10 turns off instead of sleep -
  4. Within the Power Options menu -> click on Choose what the power buttons do.
  5. Change the values for each of these options – When I press the power button to Sleep, When I press the sleep button, and also When I close the lid.
  6. Click on Save changes.
  7. Check to see if changing these settings sorted the problem out. If not, try the next method.

2. Update your IMEI

  1. Press Windows Key+X keys -> choose Device Manager.
  2. Inside the Device Manager window -> click on the System Devices.
  3. Right-click on Intel Management Engine Interface -> select Properties.
  4. Select the Driver tab -> click Uninstall Device.
  5. Restart your PC.
  6. Visit this link to download the latest version of IMEI driver.IMEI driver download - Windows 10 turns off instead of sleep
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Predictably, if the laptop shuts down instead of sleep, you might be facing a case of outdated drivers.

Here’s a quick solution to bring those drivers up to date without all the manual work:

Install DriverFix

When it comes to downloading drivers, rest assured that DriverFix will only do so from the official manufacturers’ website. This spares you from a lot of time spent searching and checking which version you should download and install.

DriverFix runs a database of 18 million driver files to allow you to quickly fix corrupted drivers, update outdated ones and download new drivers altogether, according to your needs.

If sleep mode turns off the computer (Windows 10), running this driver updater can be the solution to issues caused by driver update failures.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Ultra-fast scans to identify faulty, outdated, or missing drivers in seconds
  • Extensive driver database to guarantee you the best match
  • Download Manager to easily track the download progress of each file
  • Compress all your drivers in a .zip format to save up space and automatically backup your files
  • Schedule manager to set up scans, notifications and backups automatically


Forget all about outdated and missing drivers and get a taste of peace of mind with DriverFix!
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Stop your PC from sleeping and locking with these simple tools!

3. Check BIOS and make sure Power Saving mode is enabled

Computer on desk - windows 10 turns off instead of sleep
Note: Depending on your computer, the method to reach BIOS will differ, and also the BIOS menu will differ.

  1. Restart your PC and press the appropriate key to enter BIOS.
  2. Search for the Power Saving Mode option -> enable it.
  3. Save and exit BIOS.
  4. If the option was enabled, please follow the next method.

4. Run the Windows Power troubleshooter

  1. Press Windows Key+X buttons on your keyboard -> select Settings.
  2. Inside the Settings window -> select Update and Security.
  3. Select Troubleshoot from the right-side menu -> select Power from the left side menu.Troubleshooting Power - Windows 10 turns off instead of sleep
  4. Click on Run the troubleshooter and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Check to see if this fixes your problem.

In today’s article, we explored how to fix the issue caused by Windows 10 turning off instead of going to Sleep.

Let us know if this guide helped you by commenting below.

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After the latest W10 update, when PC goes to sleep, all apps are being shut down and the PC is also shutting down. When opening PC again, it is a complete restart and some of the apps are saying “Not shutdown properly, Would you like to restore?”
This is definitely an update issue as i didn’t have it before, and I don’t mess with my Power settings since the very inititial set up after buying. NEVER!

Yes I have the same issue! I am a person who usually puts my PC to sleep every night instead of shutting it down since i have documents and files i work on. After the new update, I’m not able to put my PC to sleep at all…

Hi, I use AMD instead of Intel and I would like to know, if there is some way for me to do 2. option? I’m not sure what driver should I update, but I can’t see nothing similar to Intel Management Engine Interface in my case. This problem is starting to be really annoying, so any kind of help is more than welcome!