Windows 11 version 22H2 has been officially declared Feature Complete

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  • Wondering when the first giant Windows 11 update will become available for all the users?
  • Well, Windows 11 22H2 is actually said to be Feature Complete and ready by this summer.
  • Although, considering past experiences, the release timeline could be shifted or delayed.
  • Work for the Windows 10 22H2 version is still underway and will therefore continue for now. 
windows 11 22h2
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As most of you remember, Windows 11 officially began its life on the 5th of October 2021, when the Redmond-based tech giant deemed it public-ready.

Nothing further from the truth, unfortunately, as lots of users avoided making the transition because of all the bugs and the overall bad experience.

When talking about the new OS, Microsoft stated it plans to release a single feature update per year for Windows 11 and 10 going forward.

Now, we’re more than pleased to announce that the first feature update for Windows 11 has been declared as feature complete. 

Windows 11 22H2 could begin its rollout this summer

Microsoft just released Insider Preview build 22567 for Windows 11 and a cumulative update build, which brings the build number to 22567.100.

The KB included no new features or changes, as its main purpose was to test the servicing pipeline for builds in the Dev channel according to Microsoft.

Thus, this latest update confirms the version of the next feature update, as Microsoft lists it as Windows 11 version 22H2 in Windows Update.

You might also like to know that the version indicates the timeline in which the new version will be released, which in this case is the second half of 2022.

Although many of you were still hoping for extra additions, no new features are going to be added to Windows 11 versions once they are declared feature complete.

The tech giant will continue to work on new features for the next feature update, one that is scheduled for release in 2023.

The information came from Zac Mendez on Friday, when he announced on Telegram that the Feature Complete for Windows 11 22H2 is actually real.

As far as Windows 10 is concerned, work on version 22H2 will continue over the upcoming weeks and months.

Microsoft developers will use this time to also fix some of the pending issues and also improve features that have been added already to the new feature update.

Windows 11 Insiders are already expecting the tech giant to send this new version to the Beta development channel soon, in order to increase the number of devices that participate in testing.

Developers have yet to announce a release date for Windows 11 version 22H2, but rumors suggest that it may be released this summer.

In other words, Windows 11 version 22H2 could be finished in May 2022, and released between June 21 and September 23 of 2022 according to internet speculations.

Let’s not forget this is Microsoft and, even with development still underway, we also have to consider that delays may occur, pushing the release date to October 2022 or even later than that.

The developer build versions of Windows 11 may receive new features in the coming builds as these are active development builds.

All of the Dev builds will move to a new build number eventually that distinguishes it from beta and stable versions of the operating system.

When do you think Microsoft will be ready to start rolling out this first huge update for Windows 11? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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