Here’s what to expect in the new Windows 11 Build 22533

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 build has been released and addresses some bugs.
  • A few apps have also been redesigned to have the feel and look of the OS.
  • There are still some known issues but Microsoft is working on the fixes.
Windows 11 update

Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows 11 Build 22533.1001. According to the official release notes, this build focuses on usability and features an improved User Interface (UI) for consumers in an attempt to keep the operating system more in tune with the Windows 11 operating system.

Microsoft is informing users about the fixes that are making their way to the Windows 11 stable release through servicing updates.

What’s new?

Revamped interface for Your Phone app

Microsoft has revamped the Your Phone app’s widget to match the look and feel of Windows 11.

Users will now be able to experience new UI elements on the Your Phone Widget. The changes include new icons, fonts, and UI elements for a more pleasing look.

New interface for Brightness and Volume Flyouts

Finally, Microsoft has updated the flyouts for hardware indicators which you usually see when adjusting your laptop’s settings.

These flyouts have a new look, where they are now center-aligned with rounded corners. These improvements have been made in an effort to give the user a better experience.

Other improvements

General fixes

  • If you had enabled widgets in the Taskbar and saw that they were moved back to their default location after upgrading to this build, you can once again drag and drop them to the new location.
  • The Taskbar has been reset in this flight with the latest update, which means that users who had placed any widgets there will find that they have been restored to their initial location.
  • You can now search for Windows voice services from the taskbar just like Cortana and Microsoft Edge. Pin it to the taskbar or start menu just like any other app, and turn it on/off from there as well.
  • Popular themes, including Dark and Light, are coming to all IMEs and the emoji panel, and voice typing on the 13 touch keyboard (introduced in Build 22504) will be available to all Insiders in the Dev Channel.
  • Microsoft is expanding the rollout of extending the 13 touch keyboard themes to IMEs, the emoji panel, and voice typing (first introduced with Build 22504) to all Insiders in the Dev Channel.
  • While holding down the Windows and X keys or right-clicking the Start Menu icon from the Taskbar, it will now say Installed apps instead of Apps & Features.
  • From now on you can uninstall the Alarms & Clock app from Settings App, then Apps, folowed by Installed Apps.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where Insiders may have seen error code 0x8007012a during a driver or firmware update.
  • Some Insiders were sometimes unable to sign in to certain apps, such as the Feedback Hub, but that should now be solved.
  • Fixed text in the exploit protection description in the Windows Security app.
  • Photos app now allows you to import photos from certain cameras and mobile phones into the Photos app.
  • Windows Sandbox will now be activated on the first launch.

Other fixes


  • The Wi-Fi icon now shows up more reliably.
  • Explorer.exe will no longer crash if you have multiple monitors connected to your computer and right-click on the date and time on the Taskbar on your primary monitor.
  • CTRL + mouseover on Task View should not crash explorer.exe.


  • Issue that was impacting the use of mica in the Settings app which was impacting overall reliability.
  • Some Insiders may have experienced that when they tried to access the Installed Apps, Startup Apps, and Default Apps pages in the Settings app, the app would crash. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue making Wheel page in Settings app crash when adding an action for an app.
  • Solved crackle heard when playing audio and repeatedly clicking volume slider in Quick Settings.


  • Hovering the mouse over a truncated window title in ALT + Tab or Task View will now show the full window name. 


  • Improved text color and look of buttons with theming applied on candidate window, emoji panel and clipboard.
  • After clicking the microphone icon to invoke voice typing, the voice typing launcher should no longer unexpectedly reappear.
  • Accessibility tools like Magnifier and Narrator should work better with the updated input switcher experience now.

Known Issues


  • When using Search from the Start Menu or the Taskbar, you might be unable to enter text. Press Windows Key + R shortcut keys to start the Run dialog box, and then close it. This may temporarily resolve the issue.


  • The taskbar may occasionally flicker when switching input methods.


  • When you click on the Search icon, your computer may not open the search panel. To fix this, Microsoft suggests restarting the Windows Explorer process.


  • When viewing the list of available Wi-Fi networks, the signal strength indicators may not reflect the correct signal strength. 
  • When navigating to System, then to Display, followed by HDR, the Settings app may crash. Use the Windows Key + ALT + B shortcut to enable or disable HDR.
  • Under the new Bluetooth & devices settings page, there is a blank entry.


  • The Taskbar alignment may cause the Widgets button to disappear.
  • When having multiple display devices, the widget’s content on Taskbar may get out of sync.
  • If you are running builds with the taskbar on the left, you might have noticed that the temperature does not appear. This issue will be fixed in a future flight.

Several issues with Build 22533 are not new for the insiders. However, Microsoft seems to have fixed many of the problems which have continued for some time now.

As always, it is recommended that you keep your PC updated with the latest security updates for the sake of your system and data.

What fixed issues are you most happy about with the release of this build? Let us know in the comments section below.

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