Rust is now up and running in Windows 11 kernel

A very nice surprise coming up from the Redmond tech giant.

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  • Microsoft has released Rust on Windows 11 kernel.
  • The Rust integration was teased out a couple of months ago.
  • Rust is a pretty popular programming language among developers.
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This week has seen a lot of surprises regarding Microsoft News. We had the Patch Tuesday coming out, with significant updates for all Windows versions.

We’ve also received a new tool from the Redmond tech giant, the new Windows 10/11 HVCI/memory compatibility check tool, which can be used to perform memory compatibility checks. Taskbar clock seconds were also officially added to the Windows 11 OS, earlier this week, which you can manually turn on after you get the update.

We also found out that Edge will no longer be on future Windows server containers, thus greatly improving your experience on the platform.

It’s time to witness yet another surprise from Microsoft. After David Weston, Vice President, Enterprise and OS Security at Microsoft, teased it out, earlier this year, Rust is finally up and running in Windows 11 kernel.

Microsoft has released the Rust integration in Windows 11 kernel

First seen by Twitter user Mark Russinovich, it seems that Windows 11 Insider has some bits of Rust code in it as the Win32k.sys kernel mode (KM) driver files have been ported to Rust. Win32k.sys is the manager of the graphical device interface (GDI), and overall window management on Windows.

For those of you that don’t know what Rust is, keep in mind that it is actually a programing language for developers.

The Redmond tech giant has been interested in this language for several reasons and one of those happens to center around memory safety and security that Rust offers.

Weston said that Windows 11 will soon be booting with Rust in the kernel and it could be happening really soon. And now, we can see it live and running in Windows 11 kernel.

The feature comes only a couple of months after it has been teased out, and in doing so, Microsoft kept its promise to release it as soon as possible.

Are you excited about it? Or not? Be sure to let us know in the dedicated comments section located right below.

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