8GadgetPack Brings Windows 7 Gadgets Back to Windows 10

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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Desktop gadgets were a huge hit when Microsoft introduced them in Windows Vista, but the company soon decided do discontinue this feature due to security reasons. And now, app called 8GadgetPack offers you to bring gadgets back in Windows 10.
8gadgetspack windows 10
As we said, Windows gadgets made their first appearance in Windows Vista, as set of small desktop tools for assistance of users. The pack featured various useful tools, like clock, CPU meter, calendar, currency converter, etc.

But even if they were popular in Windows Vista, and especially in Windows 10, Microsoft decided to shut them down in 2012, because of the security vulnerabilities. But now, when the risk of security threats is minimal, developer Helmut Buhler created 8GadgetPack, a tool which provides more than 50 gadgets on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 PCs.

The program is easy to install, with no adware, and when you install it, a few gadgets will immediately appear on your desktop.  The main part of the program is a simple browser, which displays thumbnails and basic info of more than 50 included gadgets.

Windows 7 gadgets on Windows 10

Just go through the list, and you’ll find all gadgets you loved to use in Windows 7, like CPU meter, calendar, drive and network meters, processes monitor, calendar, reminder apps, tiny email app, clocks, puzzles, clock, unit and currency converters, internet radio, weather gadget, and many more.

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Managing gadgets is also very easy, you can move them on Desktop by simply double-clicking on the gadget, or dragging it. You can set the opacity, and tweak its options. Absolutely everything looks like it did on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

A “Tools” dialog provides options for easy managing of every single gadget. You can adjust the size of every gadget, decide whether you want it to run at Windows startup, organize them in a sidebar, add a new gadget, reset every gadget to its default settings, or uninstall the whole package.

Users who tested this program said that some of the gadgets don’t work for them, but the most important ones are good.

This app is definitely great for all of those who want to bring a little of Windows 7 feel to Windows 10. If you want your Windows 10 to look even more like Windows 7, you can use this tool to completely change the Start Menu by your desire.

You can download 8GadgetPack for free here.

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