Brain Training Apps for Your Windows 8, Windows 10 Device

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Your Windows 8, Windows 10 tablet or Windows 8, Windows 10 device can be used to train your brain’s activity if you know what are the right apps to be used for this. We have selected four of the best such apps to be used, read below to find all about them.
windows 8 brain training apps
Brain training is a new concept that has crept recently into our social culture. What’s the deal behind the whole buzz? A very sound neuroscientific logic actually. The principle brain training applies is “use it or lose it”. The brain as an organ operates by making use of its synaptic connections (connections between two or more neurons).

The more you use one connection, the more the connection is maintained. Think of practicing an arpeggio with your guitar over and over again, after a while you will be able to do it in the dark. Brain training specialists argue that if you engage daily in games that are especially designed to enhance certain abilities (like spatial visualization) , you are bound to perfect them. And here what Dr. med. Thomas Knoll – a neurologist based in Munich has to say about the concept:

“Many of my patients complain about forgetfulness in everyday life. I recommend – in addition to a balanced work-life with relaxation time, body exercises and social activities – a brain training program.”

And good news for Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows RT users who are interesting in gaining some extra brain power – the Windows app stores features some interesting apps that might help them in that endeavor.

Most useful Brain Training Windows 8, Windows 10 apps

Einstein Brain Trainer [$8.99]

einstein brain training app windows 8

Aptly named after one of the most brilliant scientists of the modern era, this app allows users to exercise most parts of their brains. There are four categories offered from which to choose from: Logic, Memory, Calculation and Vision.

Each game under any of these categories will feature a comprehensive and scientific description of the exercise. Each day the app will prepare a special set of games that constitutes the player’s daily workout. The progress will be tracked, if the daily scheduled is maintained. Multiple players can simultaneously engage in gaming on the same computer while the levels’ difficulty mode can be altered.

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Brain Train Challenge [Free]

brain train windows 8

This app features a collection of 12 games that will help the user challenge his memory resorts. It also measures the reaction time and allows for skill improvement. Over time as you build mental fitness, you will be able to accumulate gold medals. The graphics are simple yet colorful and attractive, attracting and keeping your attention.

Brain app [$3.49]

brain app windows 8

A brain training app that offers the possibility of playing the games at three different difficulty levels: Easy, Advanced and Genius. Games include: Speed Math, Balloon Burst, Card Count – each tapping into different sectors of brain activity. Game progress is recorded so users can see their progress over time. Compete against players from all around the world, be the best!

Play and Grow: Right Brain Exercises [$4.99]

brain exercise windows 8

This app is built on the assumption that the children’s right hemisphere is used mostly for learning and that simple games might help improve that process. Therefore it brings a selection of 15 animated stories which unravel into 56 sets of quiz games. Preschoolers will have no trouble playing this game, since the game play only involves choosing pictures. Children will accumulate stars as they finish games and gain more accomplishments. The graphics are really endearing and remind me of Japanese manga, so the app is very suitable for children of all ages.

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