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Fishing is a fine sport and one that I admire and even practice, albeit not as much as I’d like to. So, if you want to do some fishing straight on your Windows 8 tablet, you need the right app or game to do it. We have a look at Microsoft’s Field & Stream Fishing game.
windows 8 fishing app
From all the available Windows 8 fishing apps and games in the Windows Store, Field & Stream Fishing stands out as the best of them, obviously because it’s made by the Microsoft Studios. The full version of the game is available for $4.99 but you can use the free trial, as well, to see whether this fishing game is of real interest to you or not (link at the end). Field & Stream Fishing can be played on your Windows 8 tablet or other Windows 8 desktop device, as it supports both touch screen controls, as well as keyboard and mouse input.

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Some serious fishing on Windows 8

Angling for the best fishing game on Windows 8? Then set your hook in Field & Stream’s Fishing! New high-resolution graphics showcases the gorgeous fish and majestic scenery at 15 fishing locations with unique underwater environments, and addictive swipe gameplay makes catching fish more fun than ever before! Use 5 different lures with special bonuses to land 18 fish species, with an additional 10 lures and 20 fishing spots available. The sounds of native wildlife at each shoreline enhance the immersive fishing experience. Hook, fight, and catch legendary fish, unlock achievements, and beat your friends’ high scores when you sign in to Xbox!

windows 8 fishing gameThe game comes with some high-resolution graphics and an addictive swipe gameplay. Five bucks might seem like a little too much, but for the true fishing afficionado, it’s not that much, after all, considering that the game is of high-quality. You will be able to catch some gorgeous fish, like the Peacock Bass, Kokanee, Tarpon, and many more. Explore stunning lakes and fishing spots, straight from your Windows 8 tablet.

There are even “fish legends” that you can catch, such as Big McLargeHuge, The Swimminator, and Old Salt Hershal. Besides all this, there are some soothing birdsongs and sounds of wildlife in the background that will give the game a real feeling. If you want, you can also try and challenge your friends to see who’s the better fisher. There are 20 unlockable achievements in the game, so download it and start catching those elusive fishes!

Download Field & Stream Fishing game for Windows 8

Update: we have observed on forums that many fishing games amateurs are searching for something similar to that. The truth is, at a certain moment you are getting bored as you don’t catch any real fish. In order to change the game, you can switch to a hunting simulator. It is more intense as an experience, especially if you do not really want to kill an animal. Here are two articles where you will find some of the best hunting games for Windows PC:

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2014 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.


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