Windows 8, 10 App Naturespace Improves your Sleep and Meditation

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This might sound crazy or at least unusual for some, but there are actually apps that you can use to help you in your meditation or even to have a better sleep. Usually, these are timer apps or apps with special music. For Windows 8 users, we have selected the Naturespace app.
windows 8 sleep meditation app
There are plenty of meditation and sleep apps available in the Windows Store, but from the plethora of titles, NatureSpace is in my opinion, the most professional one to choose. This is a masterfully crafted app that will help you with your meditation or when you are trying to sleep, as the app isn’t focused only on relaxing sounds, but also on beautiful holographic imagery. Here’s how the description of the app goes:

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Probably the best sleep and meditation Windows 8 app

Naturespace is unique. It’s not just about nature’s sound, it’s about nature’s space. All 3 dimensions (including height) are accurately reproduced, providing the listener with a true “being there” experience under headphones. The impact that spatially accurate outdoor sound has on the brain is astounding; it is immensely relaxing and entertaining. Whether you take a 5 minute vacation to a gentle evening by a lake, or an extended stay underneath a powerful thunderstorm, Naturespace provides the brain with the sense of openness and vastness that is so important to a balanced state of well-being. Naturespace is a spectacular catalyst for creative visualization and imaginative exploration.

windows 8 sleep meditation appAs you can see from the description, this is a really professional sleep and meditation app for Windows 8 users and the guys behind have really put soul in it. However, be aware that it has quite a big size – more than 670 MB, which shows just how much work has been put into its creation. Thus, the 3 dimensions that the team behind Naturespace is talking about will create a soothing 3-D experience which will induce a “physiological sense of safety, peace, and tranquility”.

The app comes with 6 pristine holographic spaces, sound tracks that are quite long and intentionally looped for endless hours of listening. While the app is totally free to download and use, for more features, you can purchase other items and complete the 41 available additional spaces. So, if you want to have a good sleep or meditate better, then waste no time and download it on your Windows 8 tablets.

Download Naturespace: Relax Meditate Escape Sleep app for Windows 8


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