Space Invaders for Windows 10, Windows 8: A Classic Game worth playing

By: John Nedelcu
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space invaders windows 10, 8

Space Invaders is one of those games that are never going to die and in Windows 8, Windows 10 you can find multiple apps that make the game enjoyable on tablet or desktop – have a look at one of the best that we have found

If you didn’t play Space Invaders when you were little, I’m sad to say that you have had a pretty boring childhood. Space Invaders is one of the best known games of all time, having a place right there alongside other prolific titles, such as Pac Man or Tetris, a real classic and a name that everyone is familiar with.

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I’m glad to say that this awesome game has arrived in Windows 8 and Windows 10, and it is free to download from the Windows Store and play to your heart’s content! Now, get ready to save the Earth from the nasty space invaders and their 8 bit spacecraft! Also, for other lovers of classic games, we previously featured the new and improved Minesweeper, a game that Microsoft totally re-invented, but also the other classic Windows games that users loved.

Space Invaders for Windows 8, Windows 10 10

The game is pretty much how you remember it from back in the day. It has the same graphics and sounds, the control of your spaceship is simple, done with the arrow keys and for shooting those irritating aliens, you use the space bar. The developers have managed to keep the game as simple as we knew it, and for this, they deserve our gratitude.

download space invaders windows 10

In terms of features, there is not much to say about the app, you have a leaderboard where the top scores are shown, a life counter, score and personal best, and is pretty much all there is to say about it. The app loads in no time and you can start playing in only a few seconds, although, for you to see the leaderboard, you will have to right click on the screen, which will pause the game.

Of course, we must warn those who play this game that it tends to become quite addictive, and not before long, you realize that several have passed since you have started, at at least this is what happened to me.

space invaders windows 10

Update – Space Invaders alternatives

If you are look for some other games, you can go ahead and try the following, as well:

For those of you with HoloLens, try Holo Space Invaders. It’s a whole new level of the game. Basically, you’ll have to ‘defend’ the room where you are playing the game from invaders. You even have a radar system implemented to detect enemy ships in 3D space. You can see al its features and download it on Windows Store.

Update 2 – Download Space Invaders for Windows 10

Unfortunately, the game we were talking about in this article got removed from the Windows Store. However, there’s a new Space Invaders game that you can play on your Windows 10 computer. Download it here.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2012 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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