There are two popular kinds of hosting offered by web hosting providers: Linux and Windows hosting.

The differences are not as many, as they deliver the same proficiency levels, but if you’re looking for the best Windows hosting provider, it is important to understand how it works prior to considering your options.

Windows hosting basically lets you host your personal and/or business website via a Windows server/servers, thus technologies specific to Windows are used in this case such as Microsoft SQL server, ASP, Microsoft Access and .NET.

This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that if your computer runs on Windows OS, you have to use Windows hosting as the hosting you choose is not dependent on the OS itself. It depends on the technologies needed for your website.

Windows hosting servers work with any type of hosting from VPS, dedicated, shared and even cloud.

It can also handle any content management system so you still have a best friend in Windows when it comes to hosting.

Some of the reasons people choose to use Windows hosting include compatibility for .NET frameworks, Active Server Pages or ASP, Visual Basic, C#, SharePoint, content built in Microsoft FrontPage, and using products in Microsoft Stack.

Windows hosting also comes with a bag of benefits such as:

  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to update
  • Seamless integration of Microsoft products to your site
  • Supports ASP, .NET, Visual Basic and C# scripting languages
  • It is stable and reliable as it is produced by Microsoft
  • Ensures full security and safety of your site from rogue elements like hackers
  • You can use it even if you’re not as experienced with hosting

Finding the best Windows hosting provider can be a difficult and daunting task, what with the complicated jargon you have to face, but we’ve simplified everything and here are the best Windows hosting providers you can use for your site.

Best Windows hosting providers to power up your website

  1. A2 Hosting
  2. Host1Plus
  3. Hostwinds
  4. TMD Hosting
  5. HostGator
  6. Miles Web
  7. IX Web hosting
  8. 1&1
  9. HostDime
  10. SmarterASP.NET

1. A2 Hosting

best Windows hosting provider

This comes highly recommended among users as the best Windows hosting provider, what with its blazing fast features, and fine-tuned servers.

If you want your content delivered in a high performance environment, then A2 Hosting’s Swift Servers that comes with Turbo Servers option is your best bet. The Turbo servers deliver up to 20 times faster performance as compared to other competing Windows hosting provider options.

Nobody wants his or her website running on snail speed. In fact, these days, even 3 seconds is considered slow in terms of lag time because it can make or break your business. Customers today have a shorter attention (patience) span, so anything over 2 or 3 seconds more is too slow and they move to the next fastest site.

This is why you need the best Windows hosting provider that can offer and deliver blazing fast performance, reliability, and can integrate simply with other web building tools in Windows such as the .NET framework, or ASP.

With A2 Hosting, you are assured of fast speeds, 24/7 Guru Crew support so you know you’ve got experts standing by, plus a wide variety of tools to get your Windows hosting up and running, blazing fast!

A2 Hosting also prides itself in being the best Windows hosting provider and experts in the industry. This hosting provider also offers a risk-free experience with their Anytime Money-Back Guarantee, and carefully planned products that cater to your Windows hosting needs.

Get all the Windows hosting integration elements you need in one hosting provider including MSSQL, ASP, .NET framework, C# and Visual Basic.

This is one of the benefits why A2 hosting users go for their services, as well as their scalability, ease of use, ease of updating, and Plesk control panel – a complete range of tools to ensure and enable you to succeed.

Get Windows hosting on A2 Hosting

2. Host1Plus

best Windows hosting provider

This hosting provider is touted as the best Windows hosting provider offering full scalability and 24/7 support, as well as a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with their service.

Its features include direct access to your web control panel, advanced networking features, KVM virtualization, clever service delivery, quick deployment of your virtual machine in just seconds, pre-configured templates like the cPanel to manage your site easily, simplified management and control.

You can also create your domain zones, edit records directly, schedule automatic backups or make manual ones, save time spent on getting support through a simplified rDNS control system, rescue mode to work in a safe environment in case of file system corruption, and track your use of resources live with alerts to avoid overusing your CPU, memory or network.

Other features include advanced networking on a high speed network built on high end hardware, as well as cloud server locations in multiple premium data centers for better reach and higher connectivity.

Get Windows hosting on Host1Plus

3. Hostwinds

best Windows hosting provider

If you’re looking for unrivaled support – because we all need the best Windows hosting provider who can be there all the time – and state of the art hardware, then Hostwinds is your friend.

Its offerings include a fully managed, instant hosting setup with nightly backups, plus you can get solid state drives (which is the future structure of the Internet), and 24/7 technical support. This is a robust and secure hosting provider that will meet, and exceed your expectations in terms of security protocol, besides giving you full control over your site.

You also get a guarantee that their servers cannot be oversold, so you know they got your back. Run your own copy of Windows, on a 100% network uptime SLA, with multiple carriers and a 100 Gbps+ global network.

As mentioned previously, this is your friend when it comes to monitoring and tech support because they’ll be there for you every single minute of every day, with a 5-minute guaranteed incident response, and one hour hardware replacement time.

Windows hosting clients also get to upgrade their server specifications anytime meaning you get instant scalability, plus full management of your servers so you can rest assured the Hostwinds team will help you any day, any time. If you’re going with Windows hosting, then Hostwinds gives you the option of using either Windows server 2008, 2012, or 2016 as your operating system.

Get Windows hosting on Hostwinds

4. TMD hosting

best Windows hosting provider

TMD Hosting also promises blazing fast Windows hosting, because at the end of the day, speed, security and scalability are a priority. You get to enjoy exceptionally fast speeds and superior performance, in an environment that supports the latest ASP .NET framework, Windows Server 2012 R2, and MSSQL server.

You can select from three different hosting plans: Starter for starting a website, Business for enriching multiple websites and growing traffic, and Enterprise for more complex sites and heavy traffic. These three cost $3.99, $5.99 and $11.99 respectively, on a monthly basis.

Its features include dedicated technical support, daily automatic and constant backups of your site’s database and files with free restoration, up to 20 times faster load time owing to the use of Solid State Drives on all servers, unlimited email accounts, and free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installation in one click on your Plesk panel.

If you’re setting up a new website TMD gives you immediate activation, free installations, free domain registration, 24/7 support all year round, and step by step tutorials to guide you.

For an existing website, you get free file and database transfers, zero downtime, unused months compensation, and 24/7 support all year round.

You can also get fully managed on the cloud as the servers are managed by experts, there is a high level of security updated daily with a web-based firewall to ensure your site is guarded from online threats, 99.999% uptime, anti-spam protection, and a dedicated yet isolated VPN for better monitoring, connectivity and speed.

Get Windows hosting on TMD Hosting

5. HostGator

best Windows hosting provider

It is not possible to talk about hosting and miss out HostGator in the list of the best Windows hosting provider. If it’s not at the top, it’s one of the top 10 hosting providers, so you know it is consistent in its service provision and performance.

Hostgator makes Windows hosting simple and easy for you to use. Its features include the Plesk Control Panel so you can control your hosting account easily (like you would using a WordPress back end), site building tools and more than 4000 free website templates, MSSQL Server 2008 R2, MySQL, Access Databases, FTP accounts and email addresses, administrative tools, one-click installs, and programming features including ASP and ASP.NET.

HostGator is known for its award winning technical support and highly extensible Windows Server 2012 R2, and its hosting plans let you draw as much as you can from the hosting accounts at the lowest cost possible.

Other features include 99.9% uptime guarantee, unlimited sub domains, Safe Harbor Certified, and you get free stuff with each hosting plan including a free website builder from HostGator, 4500 free templates, free website transfer, domain transfer, MySQL transfer, and script transfer, plus 38 free scripts can be installed on your account instantly.

Get Windows hosting on Hostgator

6. Miles Web

best Windows hosting provider

This is a hosting provider based in India, which provides superfast ASP.NET hosting service for as little as $1.67 monthly – so affordable.

If you’re looking for the best Windows hosting provider that offers all the features at a comfortable price, then this is your guy. Ideally, Windows hosting integrates Microsoft apps such as ASP, .NET, Visual Basic, Access, FrontPage, and/or MSSQL, so this hosting provider gives you just that.

Its features include the Plesk Control panel, multiple domain hosting and databases, unlimited emails, 24/7 uninterrupted support, unbeatable reliability, and 99.95% uptime needed to run your website at any point in time.

You also get a free domain name (or transfer yours for free), SSD drive for faster loading time and performance, one-click installer for WordPress, Joomla, or shopping carts and other apps, secure email, programming features as mentioned, free website transfers at no added cost, and daily automated backups for optimal security.

Set up your account instantly with Miles Web and enjoy affordable rates at superfast speeds and the best uptime.

Get Windows hosting on Miles Web

7. IX Web hosting

best Windows hosting provider

This hosting provider offers top performance, quality support and great pricing if you’re looking for the best Windows hosting provider for your website.

Started in a living room in 1999, IX Web hosting has grown to provide not only 24/7 all year round tech support, but also top quality core features with different hosting plans such as unlimited web space, bandwidth, domains and data transfer. You can also create and maintain your website whether you’re a pro or novice at web design with the easy click-to-create site builder, one-click blog install, easy file manager, and free site design tutorials and tips.

If you want it done for you, there’s an in-house professional design team to handle it so you can focus on your core business. Its features include a web hosting control panel, 24/7 year round network and service monitoring, high end performance hardware, dedicated support teams, and free redundant network and routing.

If yours is a business website, IX Web hosting offers the Ecommerce feature so you can sell online with a free one-click easy install online store, free selection of easy-install shopping carts and free tutorials.

You also get a dedicated and trained anti-hacking team, 30-day money-back guarantee, and unlimited email accounts, email forwards, mailing lists and auto responders.

Get Windows hosting on IX Web Hosting

8. 1&1

best Windows hosting provider

At 1&1, you get all the opportunities you need for Windows hosting so as to present your web content successfully. Its features include programming elements such as ASP, ASP.NET, MVC, AJAX, and includes the NetObjects Fusion in all its hosting plans which completes obligatory code blocks and shows syntax errors in your code.

It comes with a website builder to create functional websites by yourself in four simple steps, so you don’t need programming expertise. You can also choose your hosting plan based on personal needs of volume and speed performance, and enjoy using different software with your package of choice.

Other features include domain extensions such as .com, .org, or .net, high standards of cooling, security and power supply of data centers, as well as daily backup of all your data.

You are assured of reliability and stability with 1&1’s georedundancy feature that keeps performance stable, SiteLock feature for comprehensive data protection so your site is always checked for any malware, security breaches or hacking attempts.

Phishing and anti-spam security is also included, plus 24/7 year round support with Windows hosting.

Get Windows hosting on 1&1

9. HostDime

best Windows hosting provider

If you want your website hosted in a state of the art data center, HostDime is the best Windows hosting provider you can choose.

Features include a pure SSD and 10 Gbps fiber network so you are assured of fast read or write speeds, private IPs dedicated to your accounts only so you can customize your DNS records and have a private mail server for increased mail reputation, enterprise virtualization for increased scalability, reliability, and customizability, plus site reliability.

Its business platform is pre-secured and fully managed, so your site is protected against any operating system and/or kernel vulnerabilities.

You also get industry leading software, and value added services such as client management software, billing merchant accounts, and other add-on services to run your business and have stellar customer service online.

Get Windows hosting on HostDime

10. SmarterASP.NET

best Windows hosting provider

As its name suggests, this is not just one of the best Windows hosting provider, but also smarter at that. It offers world class quality Windows hosting services both for individuals and businesses, with a shared hosting package that is renowned for its speed and reliability.

With over 18 years of experience, having set up in 1999, SmarterASP.NET provides superior hosting services, with features such as a one-click installer, technical support team to optimize your experience, award winning customer service, built-in CloudFlare content delivery network that makes your website 4 times faster, and 99.9% uptime guarantee – with a month’s service credited on every hour of interrupted service.

You can start a 60-day trial on Windows hosting to try it for yourself and see how it works and delivers. With this hosting provider, you get different features based on the option you pick from either Windows 2012 hosting, MSSQL database, or the MySQL database.

The free trial comes with a free temporary domain name to try out the service, so you need not buy one or transfer yours. You also get instant hosting setup and upgrades with the free trial so you’ll be up and running in minutes, and you can upgrade once the trial ends to a paid package from the control panel without experiencing any downtime.

Unlike other providers, this one guarantees the same quality of service and offerings for free trial users and paid users alike so you can have your cake and eat it!

Get Windows hosting on SmarterASP.NET

What to consider when choosing the best Windows hosting provider

Here are the factors to consider when shopping for the best Windows hosting provider for your website:

  • Features: this is important because you want a hosting provider that has all the features you’re looking for based on the needs of your website, and exceeds or goes over to offer much more. Windows hosting plans usually come with many unique features, so depending on what you have in mind, check carefully what features the host is providing. For example, if you want programming features such as ASP.NET, yet the hosting provider only has ASP, then you may not be satisfied with their offer. Shop around and find the one that has everything you need, and some.
  • Security: this is very important for any website. A hosting provider should be able to provide security for your website, and the strongest level at that. Since Windows is a target for hackers and cyber crooks, then you need to check if the host provides special, top-level security features that will not compromise your website.
  • Responsiveness is another key feature more than price or features, because when there is a problem, you need immediate attention. Therefore, you need to look for a trusted, consistent, hosting provider with a high level of support than the rest, preferably 24/7 365 responsiveness. Check for contact channels such as phone, email addresses, live chats, toll-free numbers and even social media contact pages.
  • Technical support and Service reliability: this goes together with service reliability because you need to know your provider has your back. The best Windows hosting provider will not slack on service reliability or tech support because they know that keeps you with them, far beyond their prices or amazing features.
  • Hardware and Performance: your Windows hosting provider should have high end hardware to host your website because this will affect your site’s overall performance. Choose the best Windows hosting provider with the latest and advanced processors and SSD storage.
  • Clear hosting plans and terms of engagement
  • Multiple and reliable backup layers
  • Unlimited availability of resources such as RAM, bandwidth, storage, and CPU power
  • Easy to use and simple control panel
  • Simple data recovery and restoration process

Now that you know the best Windows hosting providers in the market, let us know your favorite pick, or share with us the one you use in the comments section below.