Windows Terminal Shortcuts & Actions: 50 Most Useful to Use

Explore the important shortcuts to speed up your work

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  • Using Windows Terminal with shortcuts can make your work easier, and you will be more efficient.
  • Here in this guide, we will discuss some of the most useful shortcuts for Windows Terminal.
Windows Terminal Shortcuts

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Windows Terminal is an open-source terminal app that lets you use command-line tools, including Command Prompt, PowerShell, and more. It has many useful features, and it gets easier to work on if you know a few shortcuts.

This guide contains a list of all the essential Windows Terminal shortcuts that you should know.

What are the most valuable shortcuts for Windows Terminal?

1. Opening Windows Terminal

Shortcut Key Actions
Windows + Number (profile index: 1-9) Call it from Taskbar if you have it pinned on Taskbar
W t + Enter Type this on the File Explorer address bar to open Windows Terminal
W t - d . + Enter To open the current directory on Terminal from File Explorer
Ctrl + Shift + N Open a new Terminal window

2. Moving between tabs

Shortcut Key Actions
Ctrl + Shift + T Open a new default tab
Ctrl + Shift + Number (profile index: 1-9) Open a new tab by pressing any number between 1 to 9
Ctrl + Alt+ Number (1-9) Switch between tabs (1-9)
Ctrl + Tab Go to the Next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Go to the Previous tab
Ctrl + Shift + D Open a new instance of a current tab
Ctrl + Shift + 9 Switch to the last tab
Ctrl + Shift + W Close the existing tab

3. Customize the look of Terminal

Shortcut key Actions
Alt + Shift + - Splitting panes horizontally
Alt + Shift + = Splitting panes vertically
Ctrl + = Increase font size
Ctrl + - Decrease font size
Ctrl + 0 Reset font size
Alt+ Shift + down Resize the pane down
Alt+ Shift + left Resize pane left
Alt+ Shift + right Resize pane right
Alt+ Shift + up Resize pane up

4. Change Focus

Shortcut key Actions
Alt + down Move focus down
Alt + left Move focus left
Alt + right Move focus right
Alt + up Move focus up
Ctrl + Alt + left Move focus to the last used pane

5. Access Settings & advanced features

Shortcut key Actions
Ctrl+ Alt+ , Open the default settings file (JSON)
Ctrl + , Open Settings
Ctrl + Shift + , Open Settings file (JSON)
CTRL + Shift + P Open a command palette
Alt + Space Open system menu

6. Other useful shortcuts & actions

Shortcut key Actions
Alt + F4 Close the window
Ctrl + Shift + F Find
Alt + Shift + D Duplicate pane
Ctrl + Shift + W Close pane
Ctrl + C Copy text
Ctrl + V Paste text
Ctrl+ Shift + down Scroll down
Ctrl+ Shift + PgDn Scroll down one page
Ctrl+ Shift + end Scroll to the bottom of history
Ctrl+ Shift + home Scroll to the top of the history
Ctrl+ Shift + up Scroll up
Ctrl+ Shift + PgUp Scroll up one page
Ctrl+ Shift + A Select all text
Win + ` Show/Hide Quake window
Alt + Shift + - Split pane, split: down
Alt + Shift + + Split pane, split: right
F11 Toggle on/off fullscreen
Ctrl + Shift + M Toggle mark mode
Left Alt + Left Shift + Prtscn Toggle on/off high visibility screen mode

That’s it! These are some useful Windows Terminal shortcuts that you can use to improve productivity. So go ahead and note them down, and let us know which ones you use the most in the comments section below.

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