WWE 2K22 not connecting to the server? Here’s how to fix the issue

by Alexandru Poloboc
Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Many WWE 2K22 players reported the game not connecting to the server.
  • Although this can be very frustrating, there are some simple solutions for it.
  • Allowing the game through the firewall and changing DNS address will work.
  • This guide contains workarounds proven to work for hundreds of players.
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What can be even more fun than proving your friends, or WWE 2K22’s AI opponents that there really isn’t anyone that can actually defeat you?

Proving it to other online players that feel the same way about themselves. But, sometimes, establishing a connection to the game’s server can prove impossible for some players.

The last few WWE games have quite a reputation for their extremely rocky launch, with tons of bugs, glitches, and connectivity issues.

You might think that WWE 2K22 is different, but it’s actually not. If you also encounter server errors or online features aren’t working, follow these tricks to help you fix the connection problems.

How can I fix the game not connecting to the online server?

You might think that such a problem requires a complicated troubleshooting process and it could take hours to get the game working again.

Nothing further from the truth actually, as what you need do to in order to fix this annoying issue is more accurately measured in minutes.

The process itself isn’t at all hard, as it requires only tweaking some settings or granting some permissions, so the title can function properly.

Thus, if you too are having online trouble while trying to play WWE 2K22, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Restart your PC.
  2. Check the server status.2k22 server check
  3. Check your device’s internet connection.check internet connection
  4. Allow WWE 2K22 through Windows Firewall.firewall exception
  5. Change DNS address.
    change dns
  6. Verify game file integrity.lost ark steam game files
  7. Use different Internet connection.
  8. Restart router.

These eight easy steps have proven useful for other WWE 2K22 users that unfortunately found themselves facing similar odds.

As the first step says, before you start searching for fixes and tweaking all sorts of settings, the safest thing to do is to first check whether WWE 2K22‘s servers are currently running or not.

If everything proves to be up and running, this TBS process will surely help you restore game functionality and carry on inspiring future wrestling fans. If nothing helps, we recommend giving a try to a VPN service like Private Internet Access and change your location and try accessing another server.

Remember that the match isn’t over until someone yields, so be sure to always be the last man standing, no matter the circumstances.

Have you managed to fix the online mode not working for WWE 2K22? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.