Fix: Xagt.exe Causing High CPU and Memory Usage [4 Ways]

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Key notes

  • The xagt.exe file is prone to cause high CPU usage when there are issues with the installation data.
  • If your computer's hard drive is completely full for an extended period of time, it will have an adverse effect on its performance.
  • One solution is to uninstall the FireEye EndPoint Agent, then simply reinstall it.
xagt xagt high cpu

The process named xagt.exe is also known as the FireEye EndPoint Agent, which is used by FireEye Endpoint Security to protect your PC against any vulnerabilities, scan malware, protect against any exploits, and scan for real-time indicators of presence-based threats.

If the xagt.exe process in Windows 11 is critical, you should proceed with caution while removing it from the system. It is possible that the process is consuming excessive CPU or GPU resources due to malware or a virus running in the background.

Before we go into the list of solutions, let’s have a look at what FireEye specializes in and who it is for. Keep up with us!

What can I do if xagt.exe is causing high CPU?

1. Disable xagt.exe

  1. Press the Windows + S key to open the Search bar, then type cmd, and right-click on the most relevant result to run it as an administrator.cmd-run-as-admin avast high cpu windows 11
  2. Type or paste in the following command then press Enter and let it run:schtasks /Create /RU SYSTEM /SC once /ST 23:00 /TN “Stop xagt” /TR “sc stop xagt” /F schtasks /Run /TN “Stop xagt”schtasks xagt high cpu

2. Uninstall FireEye EndPoint Agent

  1. Press the Windows + S key to open the Search bar, then type Control panel, and click on the most relevant result.control-panel-search xagt high cpu
  2. Once the menu opens up, click on Programs followed by Programs and features.programs xagt high cpu
  3. Now look for FireEye EndPoint Agent, right-click on it, and hit Uninstall.uninstall-program xagt high cpu

If you wish to reinstall it, you can do so by accessing the manufacturer’s website and checking the products list.

3. Update Windows

  1. The Settings app can be accessed by pressing the Windows key + I, followed by a click on Windows Update in the left-hand navigation kernel security check failure windows 11
  2. If you have any new updates to download, click on the Install now button, and wait for the process to finish, otherwise click on the Check for updates button.checl-for-updates kernel security check failure windows 11

Using an earlier version of Windows may be a contributing factor to the issue, which can be resolved by upgrading to the most recent version of the operating system. Most likely, the error will be fixed in a subsequent update to the software package.

4. Use the CheckDisk tool

  1. To open the search function, press Windows key + S, type cmd, and right-click on the most relevant result to run it as administrator.cmd-run-as-admin avast high cpu windows 11
  2. Type the following command and hit Enter after the Command Prompt appears:chkdsk C: /f /r /xchkdsk kernel security check failure windows 11

Another way to look for bad files is to use Check Disk. This is also a good option. When the process is done, restart your computer to finish it. If that doesn’t work, you can try Fortect, which is even more complicated.

What does FireEye do?

FireEye is a reputable firm that specializes in the detection and prevention of cyber threats. Its Endpoint Security Antivirus software is a very capable combination of hardware and software. fireeye xagt high cpu

For regular use, on the other hand, it may be as ineffective as slapping a fly with a hammer. As a result, you might wish to go with a less-complicated service provider.

FireEye does not provide the conventional antivirus software found on the market. Instead, a crew must come to your place of business and install a high-end protection engine on your computer system. This can then be further enhanced by the addition of other modules.

For those who operate large corporations or work for the government, FireEye may be the best option. It takes cyber dangers seriously, but perhaps a little too seriously for the needs of the average person.

It’s usually best to stick with a more modest antivirus unless you’ve got a lot of money to burn and a strong desire to detect signs of compromised security.

As a leader in the field of cyberthreat defense, FireEye takes the protection of its customers’ personal information extremely seriously. It is possible to view the company’s privacy policy on its website and learn how your data is used and what steps are taken to keep it safe.

Do I need a third party antivirus for Windows 11?

Microsoft has released Windows 11 with a number of enhancements to the performance, user experience, and security of the operating system. defender xagt error windows 11

Speaking of the latter, Windows 11 is by far the most secure operating system that Microsoft has ever launched. Secure Boot, S-mode, and trusted platform module (TPM) 2.0 are just a few of the advanced security features that come with it.

Many people are wondering if they still need to utilize antivirus software for Windows 11 because of the increased security features. If you have any questions regarding this OS and its security features, there are a few things that you need to know.

When it comes to security, Windows Defender offers a complete range of functions in its most recent edition, which is included with Windows 11. It is accessible through the Windows Security system.

Real-time virus and threat prevention, account protection, firewall, and network protection, app and browser management, parental controls, and device (hardware) security are some of the most important security features.

The security features provided by third-party antivirus systems are comparable to those provided by Microsoft. As can be seen, Windows 11 provides a high level of protection for both the hardware and software components of the system.

However, if you are concerned about even the slightest risk, it is recommended that you use a reputable third-party antivirus program. This may also be important due to the fact that hackers are constantly on the lookout for ways to exploit weaknesses in computer systems.

If you want are using McAfee and want to replace it but can’t, due to various reasons, check out our guide on how to remove it when the removal tool doesn’t work in Windows 11.

And lastly, if you still encounter CPU usage issues, try installing one of the best antiviruses with low CPU usage for Windows 11. Regarding that, do check some quick tips to fix the high CPU in mfevtps.

Let us know in the comments section below which solution worked best for you as well as what antivirus you use for your day-to-day activities and for your organization. Thanks for reading!

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