Xbox Series X/S available to more users, after stores restock

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Target virtual store had an Xbox Series X/S restock yesterday, shortly after GameStop also did it.
  • Greatly desired, the freshly added consoles simply flew off the virtual shelves in a matter of hours.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic greatly slows down the gaming machines production, due to prime materials unavailability. 
  • By becoming Xbox Insiders, users still have a chance to get the new Xbox from Microsoft, when the Console Purchase Pilot program reopens.  
Xbox Series X/S store restock
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The current situation involving the next generation gaming consoles makes fans everywhere scramble in a continuous quest tp get their hands on an Xbox Series X/S, or a PS5.

Desired more than gold, at the moment, the general availability of these devices is next to none and, each time a store refills its stock, they disappear in an instant.

Some stores refilled their Xbox Series X/S stocks

Yesterday, shortly after GameStop refilled their shelves, Target also had an early-morning restock for the Xbox Series gaming consoles.

This was excellent news for fans who actually got a chance to purchase one, as the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles simply fly off digital shelves everywhere.

Best Buy also performed a restock earlier this week and, as probably already imagined, there are no more consoles available for the moment.

Most likely, as fans are hoping, the next web store that will provide the public with the much desired gaming equipment will by Microsoft itself, although there is information that can point in this direction, yet.

What makes these consoles so difficult to get?

Basically, Microsoft has a hard time procuring the materials it needs in order to build these awesome gaming machines.

Its the same story as with the Sony PS5, as well as most PC video cards. The chip required to power up the graphics for the Xbox is in really high demand right now and, again, in massive shortage.

The COVID-19 pandemic derailed the production for a lot of the chip manufacturers and analysts don’t expect the issue to be resolved until the end of the year. 

This means that Microsoft makes as many gaming devices as it can at any give moment and distributes them to its retail partners.

As you can imagine, once any of the retail partners announce the availability of consoles, they instantly vanish, leaving many wondering how will they ever buy an Xbox.

Over the last few weeks, these retailers performed restocks:

  • Target, May 27
  • GameStop, May 26
  • Best Buy, May 24
  • Walmart, May 20
  • Microsoft, May 17

Some users got their Xbox through the Console Purchase Pilot program

Microsoft gave some people, who participate in the Xbox Insiders program, the opportunity to form a virtual queue that guaranteed that they would receive an Xbox console, at the regular price, once one was available.

The catch was that in order to participate in this limited program, the user has to own an Xbox already so that he could join the Xbox Insiders program and be invited to sign up for this Console Purchase Pilot. 

Currently, the registration for the pilot is closed, but Microsoft stated that it will reopen the registration soon. While you wait, you can join Xbox Insiders. 

In case you’re still waiting for Series S, why not read our Xbox Series S vs PS5 to find out which is the better console?

Have you had the chance to acquire an Xbox Series X/S? Let us know you managed to obtain it in the comments section below.

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