Fix: Dropbox “No internet connection” error


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Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms in the world. In order to use this service, you need to install the Dropbox app on your Windows computer. Unfortunately, there are various errors that can occurs during the install process.

One of the most frequent Dropbox errors is the “No internet connection” error message. Fortunately, there is a quick workaround available to fix this problem.

How to fix Dropbox “No internet connection” error message

There are various elements that can cause this issue. Follow the troubleshooting steps listed below to solve the “No internet connection” error.

1. Disable your firewall

The main element that blocks Dropbox’s install process is your firewall. Disable it for a couple of minutes, just to complete the installation and then you can turn it back on.

2. Turn off your antivirus

If disabling your firewall doesn’t help, try turning off your antivirus completely. Enable it once you complete the install process. However, some Dropbox users report that the tool recognized the Internet connection only after they uninstalled the antivirus.

3. Disable proxy in Dropbox’s settings

  1. Click on Dropbox’s gear icon > select Preferences
  2. Select Proxies > Change Auto-Detect to No Proxy option

4. Run the netsh winsock reset catalog command

  1. Type cmd in the search menu > Launch Command Prompt as an administrator
  2. Type netsh winsock reset catalog > hit Enter

5. Use the offline installer

You can download the Dropbox offline installer from Dropbox’s official website.

If you’ve come across other solutions to fix the “No internet connection” Dropbox error, you can list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.