Fix: Windows 10 Prevents Antivirus Installation

In today’s internet world, it is very dangerous to run your computer without any protection. So people install antivirus programs to keep their computer as safe as possible. But, new operating system always brings some problem with itself, and this time Windows 10 caused problems with installing an antivirus software to some users.

Windows 10 Prevents Me From Installing Antivirus Software

Your antivirus software should work just fine on the new Windows operating system, but if you’re unable to install it for some reason, follow the instructions below, and hopefully, you’ll solve the problem.

What to do if Windows 10 Prevents You From Installing Antivirus Software

Solution 1 – Make Sure You Don’t Have Any Other Antivirus Installed

You should know that two antivirus programs don’t function well together, so if you already have some other antivirus installed, you should uninstall it before you try to install the new one. There’s a chance that you didn’t even know that you have another antivirus on your computer, as it maybe came as a ‘bloatware,’ along with another software you installed on purpose. So, head to Control Panel, Programs and features, and if you have any other antivirus installed, just uninstall it and try to install your desired antivirus again.

Solution 2 – Turn Off Windows Defender

Windows Defender is Microsoft’s built-in security tool, which protects your Windows 10 if you don’t have any other antivirus installed. It shouldn’t make any problems with the third-party antivirus, but maybe some features of the antivirus conflict with Windows Defender, and that’s why you can’t install it. So, try to turn off Windows Defender, and then install the third-party antivirus. Here’s exactly how to do that:

  1. Go to Settings app, and then to Update and security
  2. Go to Windows Defender tab
  3. Uncheck Real-time Protection turn off windows defender win 10

Now your Windows Defender is disabled, and you can try to install your antivirus program again.

Solution 3 – Check if Your Antivirus is Compatible With Windows 10

If you’re using some ‘less famous’ antivirus, there’s a chance that it’s not compatible with Windows 10. So, just in case, check out our list of all antivirus programs that are compatible with Windows 10, and if your antivirus is not on the list, you should consider getting a new protector of your system.

That would be all, I hope these solutions helped you with your antivirus problem, if you have any questions, or suggestions, just reach for the comments section, below.

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  • I never even have turn off Windows Defender, it is a straight forward install for my Avast Internet Security ( paid version) . Dunno what this is all about?