8 Best Inventory Management Software for Businesses

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  • Tracking the inventory of your business might be necessary in order to scale up your sales, so a powerful tool is really helpful. 
  • In case you're a business owner and handle a lot of data about products or stocks, inventory software can be the proper solution.
  • Assuming you strongly need effective inventory solution, this is the right place to be and choose from our documented list. 
What are the Best Inventory Management Software for Businesses

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Inventory software is designed to help small and large businesses to keep track of and update products as they go along the supply chain.

Some of the features of inventory software include automatic ordering, tracking of sales and purchase orders, categorizing of products, and electronic scanning, among many others.

The key functions of inventory software that drive business operations are updating inventory in real-time, eliminating manual systems of managing inventory, plus synchronizing the inventory in case you have multiple channels or stores.

How can inventory software help my business?

With inventory software, your business benefits from the improved stock tracking and control which if done using spreadsheets lead to inefficiency and human errors.

Other benefits include automated processes that save time and money, plus you get to avoid running out of stocks hence happy customers.

However, different business types require different features in inventory software, though a small business may in the future need more features as it scales up its operations.

We checked out the best inventory software tools you can use for simplified, organized, and accurate business operations, and here are our top 7 picks.

What is the best inventory software for Windows PCs?

Katana MRP – Best inventory management

Katana MRP is the ultimate manufacturing ERP software and it’s here to provide you with full transparency over the dynamics of your inventory, sales, and beyond.

This solution helps you track and optimize all the inventory movements and then allows you to prioritize your sales orders and set up reorder points.

By acknowledging your inventory in real-time, you can automate product allocation and raw material to fulfill the orders quickly.

To minimize the storage costs, Katana tracks the demand and adjusts the production schedule for maximum efficiency.

With this tool, you can create, set up, and remove shop floor operators. It also measures the real vs. actual materials used in production to cut costs and time.

Katana supports integration with many e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce to ensure constant stock even if the demand fluctuates.

Best of all, this complex solution handles both made-to-order and made-to-stock workflows for sales order fulfillment at the same time.

That way, your e-commerce and B2B operations are perfectly centralized for total visibility and clarity within your business.

Don’t take our word for it because you can test the trial version of the software for 14 days and figure out if it’s the best tool for your needs.

Take a look at Katana MRP’s key features:

  • Get total inventory control for finished products and raw materials
  • Automate inventory transactions and set reorder points to prevent stock-outs
  • Track on-hand, committed, and expected stock amounts in real-time
  • Manage product variants and materials in one place
  • Monitor your inventory across multiple warehouses

Katana MRP

Get the best tool to track all the moving parts of your business: inventory, sales, and a lot more!

Free trial Visit website

Inflow Inventory – Great for inventory tracking

This inventory software is available for use with multiple currencies, and in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Arabic, but you can translate it to another language yourself.

You can manage inventory in multiple locations, with different units of measurement, print or email documents, do stock adjustments or reordering and purchases, with a one-click, complete workflow system.

Features include product cost tracking, customizable reports, control over user logins, CSV, and import/export for existing products.

The tool also handles customers and/or vendors, and has a multi-user mode so everyone works in real-time with the same data on one network.

Then, you may export reports and documents to PDF/Excel, and set up an automatic backup for your database.

Your data is securely hosted online so you can manage your business from any location or device.

You will benefit from the following key features:

  • Product cost tracking
  • Customizable reports and control over user logins
  • CSV and import/export for existing products
  • Export reports and documents to PDF/Excel
  • Automatic database backup

Inflow Inventory

Go one step further with your product inventory tracking, and grow sales using this full-rounded software.

Free trial Visit website

Megaventory – Great for order fulfillment

Whether you’re running a small or home business, a franchise network, or you sell consumer goods, this inventory software gives a unique combination of technology and usability so you can efficiently track and manage your inventory.

Its name may imply a huge software with a complex operating system, but it is a cloud solution meaning you have limitless boundaries with this software.

Being cloud-based, Megaventory has a minimal setup with no need for extra equipment, so you can scale up or down as necessary. It is also easy to use with an intuitive design and fast access across multiple devices.

It easily integrates with third-party apps such as Magento for accurate e-commerce, Lokad for demand forecasting, and Zapier for versatility in connecting with more than 300 web apps.

You can get the 15-day trial, after which you can opt in and choose one of the plans.

Let’s see some of its best features:

  • Inventory management across multiple locations
  • Order fulfillment
  • Manufacturing management, and in-depth control
  • Customizable to multiple languages
  • Order fulfillment


By choosing this software you make a sustainable investment for the future. Try out Megaventory!

Check price Visit website

Brightpearl – Good e-commerce integration

This inventory software lets you view and control inventory across your sales channels easily as it is cloud-based, thus eliminating costly setup and maintenance fees while streamlining your IT systems and reallocating resources to satisfy our customers.

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Since all your data is in the cloud, you can manage multiple locations and reduce operational barriers to growth, plus reduce dependency on third parties.

Whether yours is a single retail store, multiple warehouses, drop-ship, or outsourcing businesses, you can use Brightpearl to centralize inventory control and maintain accurate stock levels and value.

It is also easy to migrate from an existing enterprise resource planning system, or a new one, to Brightpearl through simple steps you will be guided through by the professional services team.

Check out its best features below:

  • Integration with popular e-commerce platforms and sales channels
  • Bulk allocation and reallocation of orders
  • Low inventory reporting
  • Real-time synchronization across sales channels
  • Barcode scanner integration

Get Brightpearl

Acctivate – Great accounting integration

Businesses with huge inventory investments need more than just spreadsheets and accounting software to manage their inventory.

Good inventory software is designed to manage and control the functions of an inventory-centric business with tools for trend analysis, accurate forecasting on items needed and when they’re needed, thus increasing predictability and helping balance stock and service levels with the least investment.

This award-winning inventory software integrates the best-of-breed apps in an easy-to-use interface, with decades of knowledge intersecting with forward-thinking software development.

At its core lies inventory control with features such as a product screen for real-time access to all inventory aspects from one place, unlimited unit definitions, visibility on inventory to maximize resources with greater flexibility, multiple units of measure, warehouse management, and barcoding inventory for 99% accuracy.

It is easy to implement and use; it handles any business growth and delivers a quick ROI.

Get Acctivate

Unleashed – Very easy to use

This easy-to-use yet powerful inventory software is made for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors who need efficient processes.

If you want an easy-to-use, affordable, inventory software that will satisfy your inventory and sales reporting needs, Unleashed is your best bet.

Its features include the perpetual inventory control that reflects all inventory costs so you get an accurate view of margins and profit, stock visibility in real time so you can see stock levels and tracking information with the Stock Enquiry feature, plus flexible reporting to create stock counts and report filters for suppliers, product groups, warehouses, and others.

You can also keep track of stock across multiple warehouses in different locations, segregate stock for reporting, manage your entire product catalog, and set min/max inventory levels.

Get Unleashed

EZ Office Inventory – Comprehensive user interface

EZ Office is the leading web-based inventory software that classifies its inventory management or control into five groups: Asset Management, User Management, Service and Maintenance, Reports & Notifications, and Integrations.

Asset management lets you track your assets and access asset information from any device, place, or time you wish. Features include asset lifecycle management, asset stock, and inventory module, checkout and check-in assets, and an availability calendar to see your assets in real time filtered by time, group, or location.

You can also plan ahead with the reservations module, track purchase orders, monitor regular checkpoints in your asset lifecycle, put labels on assets for easy scanning and GPS location with barcode or QR code support, import/export excel sheets, track and manage depreciation.

Other features such as user management, helps you allocate user roles to staff with restricted access or admin roles.

The Services and Maintenance feature lets you put items automatically into service upon check-in, create scheduling tickets, track maintenance events, plan recurring cycles to repeat for regular service, among other maintenance processes.

EZ Office also delivers custom reports and alerts for specific events, data backups, and scheduled reports, which you can also easily export as a PFF or CSV file, or load on Dropbox for easier sharing.

It easily integrates with Zendesk, Dropbox, Centrify, and Salesforce, among other apps.

Get EZ Office Inventory

Dear Systems – Easily accessible

Dear is a well-priced, cloud-based, and simple to use inventory software that integrates with other apps, plus is able to create multiple variations with one SKU or product family.

Features include seamless e-commerce integration, tracking of manufacturing costs, smart purchasing with its intuitive features that save time and effort while giving you purchasing insights, sales functionality from order tracking to split orders and drop shipment options, inventory management, and accounting to give you real-time insights and reports into expenditure and profitability.

It comes with a free 14-day trial after which you can opt in and get the full-featured version.

Get Dear Systems

We conclude here our list of the best inventory management software for your business and we hope you found the right one for your needs.

Getting the right tool to keep up with your supply and demand is a crucial step for your business so you should assess all the possibilities.

You should also look at our list including the best weekly planner software to bet your business organized even more.

Have you settled on your favorite inventory software among these top picks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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