3 Ways to Fix 9Now if it Keeps Logging You Out

This prevents you from watching content with no hassle

by Sagar Naresh
Sagar Naresh
Sagar Naresh
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  • 9Now is an Australian streaming website that is Channel 9's on-demand video service and is available for free.
  • Recently, users have reported that 9Now keeps logging them out of the website for no reason.
  • If you are also experiencing the same, then this guide has some effective solutions that will help you resolve the problem and get back to streaming.
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9Now is an on-demand, catch-up TV service in Australia. On 9Now, you can watch Channel 9, 9Gem, 9Go!, 9Life, and 9Rush, along with live news via 9news.com.au.

You can stream 9Now on your mobile, tablet, TV, computer, or any device. Notably, all you need to do is create an account on 9Now, and you are all set for streaming.

The best part about watching content on 9Now is that it is completely free of charge. Apart from live TV, you can watch TV shows and other exclusive content from Nine’s TV channels.

While watching free content is a breeze at 9Now, there are several user reports that have claimed to face 9Now keeps logging out issue. This could be pretty frustrating because it prevents you from watching content with no hassle.

Thankfully, in this guide, we have listed some effective solutions that will help you to fix the 9 Now keeps logging out issue, and get back to streaming. Let us check out the guide.

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Why does 9Now keep dropping out?

It has been found out that there isn’t one specific reason why you may come across 9 Now logging you out of the problem.

After going through the internet, we found out that the following are some of the most common causes that could trigger the 9 Now logging you out the issue:

  • Your internet connection is faulty
  • Check 9Now server status
  • Check your browser settings

Now that you are aware of the common causes that could trigger the problem for you, let us go through the solutions that will help you resolve the 9 Now keeps logging you out the problem.

How do I fix 9Now if it keeps logging out?

1. Check 9Now servers

It is very important that 9Now servers are up and stable. If because of any issues, 9Now servers are down, you will come across not only this but different problems when accessing 9Now.

In order to get rid of this doubt, you can make use of websites such as Downdetector to keep a check on the server status of 9Now. Moreover, you can also check 9Now’s official Twitter handle in order to keep yourself up to date about any issue announcements.

2. Check your internet

A stable internet connection is crucial for 9Now to work without any hiccups. You can check in with websites such as Fast or Speedtest to know the actual condition of your internet connection.

If you see any issues with your internet, then you can first try rebooting your router. In case that doesn’t help, then you should get in touch with your ISP and get the issue resolved. Once everything is set check if you are still coming across the 9Now keeps logging out issue or not.

3. Tweak your browser settings

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Tap on the 3-dot icon.
  3. Select Settings.settings of google chrome
  4. From the left pane, click on Privacy & security.
  5. Then select Cookies and other site data.
  6. Scroll down and toggle off Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows option.

Cookies and cache data are stored in your PC which contains your personal settings for a website. When you clear them, you also clear your personalized settings.

This could be one of the reasons why 9 Now is logging you out from time to time when you are watching content or using the 9Now website.

Try following the above steps and toggling off the clear cookies and site data option when you close all windows and check if this resolves the issue or not. Clearing the data will also help with 9Now Error Code P2.

4. Switch to the app (Bonus tip)

If you are still experiencing issues with the 9Now website and it is asking you to log in again and again, then we would suggest you either switch over to another browser or for the time being, use the 9Now app on your Android or iOS device.

Well, the above solutions should surely help you fix the 9Now keeps logging out problem. If you applied a different solution to resolve the issue, feel free to let us know in the comments below.