How to install Active Directory in Windows Server

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install Active Directory on Windows Server

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After the installation and initial configuration of the server of choice, the next step is to install Active Directory (AD) on your server. Besides the centralized domain management, this directory service has many directory-based uses. So, if you were wondering how to install Active Directory in Windows Server, follow the steps below.

How do I install Active Directory on Windows Server?

Without further ado, let’s get right to the installation steps in order to install Active Directory on Windows Server. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Server Manager from the Taskbar.
  2. Select Add roles and features in the dashboard.
  3. Once you see the Roles Features Wizard, select the Role-based or features-based option and then click Next two times in a row.
  4. Now, click Active Directory Domain Services and then click Add features.
  5. Add features you want to install and then click Next.
  6. Check everything before hitting Install.
  7. Now, press Windows key + R to bring the Run command line and type services.msc. Press install Active Directory on Windows Server
  8. Under Services, locate the Remote Registry service. Right-click on it and choose Start from the contextual menu.
  9. Open the Server Manager again.
  10. From Notifications, select Post-deployment configuration and then click Promote this server to a domain controller.
  11. In the Deployment Configuration tab, choose Radial options and then click Add a new forest.
  12. Insert your domain name and then click Next.
  13. Choose Forest functional level and Domain.
  14. Enter and confirm a password for DSRM (Directory Services Restore Mode) and click Next.
  15. In a few new windows, confirm NetBIOS name select the locations for the Database, SYSVOL folders, and Log files.
  16. Click Next and then finally click Install.
  17. Reboot the server.

Along the way, you might need to make certain configuration changes depending on the features you require. These were instructions on how to install Active Directory on Windows Server. If you have any questions, make sure to post them in the comments section below.



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