How to add text & label legend in Google Sheets [Full guide]

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  • Adding graphs to your Google Sheets spreadsheets will enhance their visual appeal but these aren't especially defined with no legend labels.
  • This guide tells you how users can add legend labels to Google Sheet graphs and format the text for them.
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how to add words legend in google sheets

Sheets is Google’s alternative to Microsoft Excel. The Sheets web app is freely available to all Google account users.

Although it might lack some of Excel’s features, Sheets is still a pretty good alternative.

Like all spreadsheet applications, Sheets enable users to set up charts for data entered. To make Sheets graphs clear, you must add legend labels to them.

The legends will show what data the graphs display.

How can I add text & format legend in Google Sheets?

1. Add a label legend

  1. First, enter the data for your graph across a column or row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  2. Hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor over the data entered to select it.
  3. Click Insert > Chart to add the graph to the sheet.
  4. Click the Chart type drop-down menu to select one of the pie graph types to add a label legend to.
    Sheets graph without a legend add words legend in google sheets
  5. Click in the Add Label box, and select the cell range that includes your chart data. Then the chart will display the data value labels like the one in the snapshot directly below.
    Add Label box add words legend in google sheets
  6. You can remove the label legend by deselecting the Use column as labels checkbox.

2. Edit text in a legend

  1. To edit legend label text, double-click a label on the chart. Double-clicking one label will select all of them and open the options shown directly below.
    Legend text options add words legend in google sheets
  2. Double-clicking a legend label a second time will open a small text box with which you can change the label’s text.
    A label text box add words legend in google sheets
  3. You can select an alternative font for the labels by clicking the Legend font drop-down menu on the Chart editor sidebar.
  4. Click the B and I button in the Text style box to apply bold and italic formatting for all the labels.
    Bold and italic formatting options add words legend in google sheets
  5. Click the Text color box to choose an alternative text color.
  6. You click the Legend font size drop-down menu to increase or decrease the text size for all labels.

3. Edit the legend labels’ positioning

  1. To change legend positioning, click the Customize tab on the Chart editor’s sidebar.
  2. Click Legend to expand further options.
  3. Then select either Top, Bottom, Left, or Right in the Position drop-down menu to change the legend to one that doesn’t display percentage value labels for pie charts.
    Position drop-down menu add words legend in google sheets
  4. Double-click a specific value within the legend to select it.
  5. Then you can apply specific text formatting to the selected value with the options on the Chart Editor’s sidebar.

So, that’s you can add and edit label legends in Google spreadsheet graphs. The data labels those legends display are essential to charts.

If you found this information useful, or you would like to add some other suggestions to this guide, please feel free to use the comment section found below this article.

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