5 address book software for PC to manage your contacts in 2019

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Today, we will be reviewing some of the best address book software for Windows 10. Contact/address book management has gone beyond merely saving/retrieving contact information from computers (and mobile devices). And with the advent of address book software, the process has been greatly enhanced.

An address book software is basically a digital database for storing personal data (especially name and address) of friends, acquaintances, team members/colleagues, family members and so on. It is especially essential for people with large number of friends/business partners/colleagues.

While managing a wide array of contacts in an address book could be overwhelming, adopting a durable address book software would save you a lot of time and energy.

Essentially, a standard address book software synchronizes all the contact details in an address book, and ensure every single detail is accessible with only one or few clicks of buttons.

There are several address book software in the market, and we have compiled the best 5 for Windows 10.

What are the best address book software for Windows 10?



efficess best address book software for windows 10Efficcess is an all-inclusive powerful address book software, with a cross-platform support for all Windows computers between Vista and Windows 10, as well as mobile iOS and Android platforms.

This software is built for versatility i.e. its functions extend way beyond managing a contact book. It hosts a wide array of functionality, ranging from contact management to schedule/appointment management. In fact, most of its features are automated, to help you keep track of your daily schedule.

Some of the main features of Efficcess include reminder, contact group manager, cross-platform synchronization (between PC and smartphone), diary notes, password manager, one-click contact search, advanced document editor, Recycle Bin (for data/file recovery), data import/export, file printing, and more.

Also, as a prominent PIM/address book software, Efficcess has a large client-base that spans many countries; hence, it offers multiple language options to its culturally diverse users.

In figures, Efficcess supports over 30 languages, including English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Polski, Armenian and more.

Efficcess offers 30-day free trial to new users. And after expiration (of the trial period), they can continue enjoying the service by paying a one-time fee of $23.96.

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c organizer best address book software for windows 10C-Organizer is another popular address book software for Windows 10, designed by “CSoftLab”. It offers an extensive set of features for managing, not only contacts, but also daily personal/work schedule.

C-Organizer’s extensive features are classified under the following categories, with each category performing specific set of functions. These categories include:

  • General
  • Today
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Password
  • Notes
  • Events

Specifically, however, some of the key features of C-Organizer address book software include: password generator, contact sync (with Google contact and others), day planner (with calendar), advanced search engine, multi-format file support (HTML, TXT, XML, CSV and more), multilingual support, text editor and more.

C-Organizer is available in three major variants: C-Organizer Professional, C-Organizer Lite and Advanced Diary. C-Organizer Lite and Advanced Diary are offered at $29.95 each, while the Professional edition is available for $39.95.

There is an initial 30-day free trial for every fresh download, as well as a 30-day money back,guarantee on every payment.

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My Personal Address Book

my personal best address book software for windows 10My Personal Address Book is arguably the most used address book software for Windows. It is the designated address book software for Windows PCs officially designed by Stembridge Software and licensed by Microsoft. The software is compatible with Windows 10/8.1 and Xbox One.

My Personal Address Book is intuitively designed, making it fairly easy to use to store contact records, keep track of addresses, manage schedule, print data and more. Its versatile sets of functions make it stand out as one of the best address book software for Windows 10 computers.

Notable features of My Personal Address Book include: unlimited address books, simplified printing (up to 5 standard sizes), Integration (Windows Map, OneDrive, email and Skype), data encryption, ad blocking, automatic email launching, day timer, and more.

The software’s integration makes it simple to use, as you can easily navigate across platforms to execute certain tasks. Typically, the program automatically launches your e-mail app (Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook etc.) and sends an email to a target email address. Also, it uses Windows Map to generate directions for a target address (upon request).

My Personal Address Book is available in two licensing editions – Standard and Premium. The Standard version is available for free, while the Premium version is paid.

Get My Personal Address Book


Free Address Book

free best address book software for windows 10Free Address Book is one of the best address book software for Windows 10, designed by GAS Softwares. It is a standard address book solution that is equipped to store and synchronize innumerable contact names, addresses (street number, city, and country), phone numbers, email contacts and so on.

The software is exclusively built for Windows, with support for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP computers.

Besides, Free Address Book is equipped with a set of versatile tools, for recording and tracking contact addresses with convenience. This is made possible by its intuitive user-friendly interface, which is very simple to navigate. Hence, tasks like recording/contact details, searching for an address, or managing database are executed without hassle.

Some of the key features of Free Address Book include search filter, address books, CSV import/export, contact sync, print settings (customizable) segmentation, sales pipeline management, photo attachments, custom fields, easy PIM, printable contact list, lead tracking/management, reminders, contact group, easy printing, free customer/technical support and more.

Free Address Book, as the name implies, is a free address book software, for both personal and business/commercial uses. There are, however, various custom-priced licensing plans on offer.

Download Free Address Book


Pobuca Connect

pobula best address book software for windows 10Pobuca Connect is an advanced cloud-based contact management and address book software, which is specially built for business/commercial purposes. The software is supported on both desktop (Windows) as well as mobile devices.

Pobuca Connect hosts a powerful set of features that are better suited for organizing address books & contact details at organization levels. It’s equipped to link an organization’s customers/clients address book, and automatically send updates to them, as and when required.

Also, the software can be used to streamline employees’ contact details, and automatically onboard new intakes. Every contact detail is secure, and can only be accessed with permission from the admin, which is usually the team leader or employer.

Some of the key features of Pobuca Connect include: Pobuca Bot (inbuilt virtual assistant), Admin panel, Email signature capture, Internal notes, Reminders, Call out, Offline access, User permissions, Custom caller ID, Contact import/export, Custom backups, Cross-platform synching (desktop and smartphone), Standard fields, Shared contact lists, Scan business cards, Contacts merging, Activity log and more.

Pobuca Connect is equipped with Zapier integration, which facilitates its seamless integration with relevant communication and office utility tools like Gmail, Zoho Mail, Hubspot, MS Excel, Google Contacts, Microsoft Active Directory, PBX, Asana, Pipedrive, Google Sheet, Agile CRM and over 1000 more.

Pobuca Connect offers three major pricing packages to its subscribers. These are:

  • Free: Free of Charge
  • Pro: $3 per User per Month (Annual Billing)
  • Enterprise: $5 per User per Month (Annual Billing)

Get Pobuca Connect


An address book software is an essential tool for improving communication among friends, co-workers, team members and so on. However, selecting a durable address book software could be tricky, basically because of compatibility differences, as well as variation in durability.

Nevertheless, we have compiled 5 of the best address book software for Windows 10, to better inform your decision on which one is most suitable for you.



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