Amazon Prime

Standalone subscription streaming plan

Amazon Prime Video is usually advertised as a standalone subscription streaming plan for US customers. As expected, it directly competes against Netflix.

However, the trick is that you can sign up to an Amazon Prime Video account for a monthly fee or take advantage of it as part of the annual Amazon Prime membership scheme.

Those in favor of this option can enjoy much more than access to Prime Video. They get free two-hour delivery on eligible items, free same-day shipping, online photo storage, exclusive shopping deals, Prime Day discounts, and more.

Easy-to-apply tips for solving Amazon Prime issues

One of the best American streaming services overall is Amazon Prime Video. It offers a great selection of TV shows, movies, and enticing original content, such as My Spy, The Aeronauts, or Honey Boy.

Moreover, it has most of the standard features that Hulu, Twitch TV, DirecTV, and other competitors took years to get to. 4K and HDR streaming, as well as multiple viewer profiles, are supposed to be enjoyed by all subscribers. Assuming that you’re one of them, do check out the below tips.

💯 Best tips and fixes for using Amazon Prime

This Amazon Prime Troubleshooting Hub provides information about the other errors encountered by subscribers, along with comprehensive solutions for all of them.