4 of the best antivirus with Wi-Fi protection for peace of mind

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by Ivan Jenic
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antivirus wifi protection

If you’re wondering how you can secure your Wi-Fi network with antivirus software, read on. Today, we will be discussing the best antivirus with Wi-Fi protection.

Antivirus is one of the must have for anyone using a Computer since the turn of the century. The advent of viruses, malware, ransomware, trojans and phishing websites has made it very dangerous to use a computer without an antivirus.

However, Wi-Fi has helped ease the way we work and use the Internet but it has also made it easier for cyber criminals to get your personal information and login details.

This can happen in diverse ways with most Wi-Fi routers increasingly susceptible to numerous hacking. It is vital to get to get antivirus software with Wi-Fi protection that can secure your Wi-Fi networks.

Top antivirus software with Wi-Fi protection


Panda Antivirus Pro (recommended)


antivirus with wifi protectionPanda Antivirus Pro is a significant upgrade to the Panda Free Antivirus with more features and bonus features which includes firewall and Wi-Fi security monitor.

In addition, it also gives decent detection and blocking of traffic from phishing websites which trick users into giving away their information. There is also the USB vaccination which modifies USB drives so that malware and virus cannot configure itself to run automatically from the drive.

This antivirus program includes a simple firewall. However, this firewall feature exercises a bit of control over how programs access the web, but it’s quite limited in function. It blocks suspicious inbound connections in some programs while allowing outbound connections. Users can also configure the program control rules.

One unique feature about Panda pro is its Wi-Fi protection feature which scans the security of each WI-FI network. After checking the Wi-Fi network it gives a pop up sound as a warning if the network has low or medium security. The Wi-Fi Inspector tool also gives reports on how to improve your network security.


  • Good malware detection rates
  • Firewall feature
  • Wi-Fi protection feature


  • No 24/7 telephone support
  • Gives some false positives

In addition, you can also view list of devices on your WI-FI network and tag any that should be restricted to connect with your WI-FI. Panda Pro detects computer viruses and eliminates them with good results making it an ideal antivirus.

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BullGuard Internet security (suggested)


antivirus with wifi protectionBullGuard Internet Security incorporates antivirus, firewall parental control and spam filtering which gives it unique features. It also gives decent protection against malware and antivirus threats plus a backup system and many more. In addition, this program also gives good marks for detecting infected websites by keeping the browser from opening dangerous URLs.

The antivirus’ firewall tool protects users against suspicious websites by keeping all system ports and putting it in stealth mode. The firewall also automatically controls network access for Windows program and informs you whether to block or allow unknown programs access.

However, the vulnerability scan in BullGuard is different. It looks for vulnerable security settings and related problems. On scan completion, you get a list of the security problems the software has found. It warns if you’ve disabled automatic Windows updates, flags insecure Wi-Fi connections, lists unsigned device drivers, and more.

BullGuard also has a special vulnerability scan against exploit attacks on users system. It scans for security settings and related problems after scanning it displays a list of security issues found. It also warns you if you’ve stopped automatic windows updates and flags insecure Wi-Fi connections.


  • Excellent against exploit attacks
  • Good customer service
  • Good firewall feature


  • No password manager

BullGuard Antivirus gives good features with firewall and vulnerability scanning which is a plus. It also gives good protection to Internet browsing and Wi-Fi networks.


Total AV antivirus


antivirus with wifi protectionTotal AV Antivirus is a new antivirus software that started operation in the year 2016. The antivirus thrives well when compared to older antivirus companies like Avast and Avira. It offers antivirus protection with its unique full scale VPN.

The major selling point of Total AV antivirus is the safe browsing VPN. This is where the Wi-Fi protection comes into play; most antivirus tools protect users’ data when it is local but when your private data is moving around the internet, most of them are limited but not Total AV.

Total AV has a virtual private network (VPN) which encrypts your Internet connection protecting your data from snooping and trackers. The VPN service unlike that of Avast is free with no additional costs. When the VPN is activated your Internet connection is encrypted locally and transmitted to the VPN server where it is decrypted and moved to the site you want to access.VPN also helps to protect your identity.

Advertisers and trackers generally use your IP address to follow your Internet activities but when the VPN is activated they only see the IP address of the VPN server Used. VPN is also used by journalists in suppressive regimes to secure their connections.


  • Impressive VPN system
  • Good website filtering rates
  • Disk cleanup and system boost options


  • Lacks some extra features present in rival antivirus software

Furthermore, Total AV is an ideal antivirus software although it may not have the name or experience as other well known antivirus but it gives decent protection to users computer. The safe browser VPN system is among the best and comes with no additional cost.

Download here


Norton Antivirus


antivirus with wifi protectionNorton Antivirus is one of the popular antivirus software used worldwide. Norton has consistently recorded some of the highest scores in antivirus testing. It remains in the top 5 antivirus on the market with its all round functionality and results.

The virus protection feature scans all incoming mails and messages for threats. The threats are sent to the quarantine section for monitoring until late it is sure it is not a malware. It also gives protection against removable USB drives such as Flash drives and external hard drives when connected to your system.

It also gives good protection against exploit attacks in which hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities in windows or programs to steal data. Norton uses an intrusion prevention feature to prevent these attacks. It also gives protection to users’ Wi-Fi connection by blocking exploits attacks to your network which prevents hackers from gaining access to your data.

The password manager stores all your username and password including online banking credentials and social media log in details. When you log in into these accounts using Norton antivirus you are safe. If any hacker tries to get your password they will get the manager tool password which is not useful to them.


  • Excellent marks in malware detection
  • Good in preventing phishing websites and WI-FI intrusion
  • Password manager


  • Quite expensive
  • Sometimes tags legitimate files as suspicious files

Finally, Norton antivirus is a reputable brand that gives excellent all round protection and is ideal for those that access the web a lot with its excellent wen protection. The password manager is also a plus.

Download here


Have you tried out any of the Antivirus programs we mentioned above. Do share your experience with us by commenting below.